Event is Javascript. Do you know what it is really? – Learn Javascript Online!

Hey, guys today I’m gonna tell you about Events is Javascript. This is very important part of javascript and most of the javascript works go on it.

Events initiate the interaction with Javascript and HTML. Like page loading, clicking etc. One important thing you should know about the event is that it’s a part DOM (Document Object Model) level 3 javascript. And every HTML triggers Javascript to get executed because HTML consists of the set of events.

If you are asking me some examples then I would like to say some:

  1. MouseLeftKeyPress
  2. MouseRightKey Press
  3. Closing a window,
  4. Resizing a window, etc.

I am explaining events of Javascript in my below session. So just go ahead and check them out carefully.

1 2 4 5 6

Post will be updated soon!!

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