Hospital Management System Project in Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python etc.

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others.

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others.

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP, and others with the database is available in multiple programming languages. Means you can get following to be done by us:

  1. Hospital Management System in Java with the database.
  2. Hospital Management System in PHP with MySQL database.
  3. Hospital Management System in MS Access database.
  4. Hospital Management System in MS SQL Server.
  5. Hospital Management System in MS Excel (Don’t be serious, it is possible.)
  6. Hospital management system in Python programming language, and many more.
Hospital Management System project is a realtime project in Java, PHP. If you want Hospital Management System project then Contact Me. I will provide you the Hospital Management System project in the desired programming language(Java, PHP, MS Access, Ruby on Rails, Python and using MS SQL Server, MySQL etc.). Contact me!
Hospital Management System in Java and PHP is a real-time project designed for Wilson Hospital NYC. Hospital Management System in Java and PHP is designed to manage all the staff members easily and eco-friendly. This is system which is designed for the following members of the hospital:

  1. Admin
  2. Accountant
  3. Patient
  4. Doctor
  5. Laboratory Operator.
  6. Nurse
  7. Pharmacist
  8. Receptionist

Hospital Management System in Java and PHP is the very fantastic real-time project designed with the expert guided GUI and UX strategies. You will feel it very smooth for the use. Even if you are not friendly to use any management system on the computer, you can still operate it very easily. And here I would like to thank the UI and UX team for completing this project with a great job.

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And a very special thanks to the Er. Callum Murphy (Designing Head) for his best creativity. After all the work is very complex but our team members have done it nicely.

Here in the post, Hospital Management System, in Java and PHP I am just providing you the demo of the project with some of it snaps. How the project looks like. I just want to provide you the complete user experience through the live Hospital Management System in Java and PHP but due to some privacy protection, we can’t share it with you. Sorry for that.

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But I am sharing some basic screens of the hospital management system in Java and PHP. I hope for the best that you will get the proper idea of the quality of work we have done.

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others - Login Page (Portal)

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others – Login Page (Portal)

What is Hospital Management System in Java and PHP?

Hospital Management System in Java and PHP also other programming languages is a real-time project designed to provide the hospital’s service online. In this, the staff of hospital can check their duty and all the important notifications without wasting time.

This system is not really designed for the staff members only. Even it is also designed for the patients also. They can view their record easily online. All their documents and the report will be stored in the database and they can check out them as they need. This is a very important feature which is very very and very important for all the patient.

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If any patient stays long with the hospital, their all the docs will be stored online. They don’t need to bring them all the time as hard copy they can just fetch them from the database with their unique ID and password.

What are the benefits of the Hospital Management System in Java and PHP and others?

To see any importance in the Hospital Management System in Java and PHP we have following factors:

  1. As a hospital,
  2. As a patient,
  3. As an environment,
  4. As a business.

As a Hospital:

As a hospital, we have many benefits of this hospital management system, which I would like to point as follows:

  1. All the staff members can see their all the records online from anywhere at the globe.
  2. Admin can control all the activities of the hospital through an online interface.
  3. All the patient reports and receipt can be generated and passed to any doctor online.
  4. All the important reports like patients reports, death reports, and birth reports are online and can be seen from anywhere.
  5. You can monitor the whole hospital.
  6. You have all the payment information online, and keep you remembered that which patient haven’t submitted the fee and not cleared his/her dues.

As a patient:

As a patient, we have many advantages of this Hospital Management System. If you are a patient of the hospital, then your all the records will be kept in the database. Might be getting the question why? Don’t panic I am explaining here…

— Why keep the record of the patient in the hospital management system database? We can give them hard copy and it will reduce our responsibility and save money. 

If you are thinking in the same way then please grow up and be true to the patient. If hospital management system keeps the eRecord of the patient, it will give many benefits for the patient. Are you wondering what are those facilities?

For patients Hospital Management System provides a very unique and very important way to treat the patient as follows:

  1. The most and foremost advantage of the Hospital Management System is that it keeps the patient records and all the reports with good maintenance.
  2. Patient unique ID and Password will be generated, which will give the patient more feature to access his/her records online from anywhere at the globe.
  3. The most important thing is that patient doesn’t have to carry his/her files or records. Whenever you enters the hospital you have to just give your UID to access all your records.
  4. eRecord is not only the benefit for the patient but it is also for the environment perspective. Using this method paperwork will be reduced 60-70% which is very good.
  5. Patient full medical treatment will be available in his/her account.

So above listed things are from the perspective of the patient. These are very important and the most useful benefits.

As an environment

As an environment perspective hospital management system is best to reduce the damage to nature. It reduce the paperwork and save trees. And the other thing is that ii doesn’t harm the environment in any other way also. Overall its safe and eco-friendly.

As a business 

As a business, its very useful and business skyrocketing. Want to know how? Let me explain it to you. If you use the hospital management system in your hospital, your whole the data will be properly managed and controlled in a good manner. Which will increase the reputation of the hospital?

Secondly, when you keep the records online and patient feel happy to know that they don’t need to carry their reports. And they can freely come and go to the hospital, they will use your services and suggest others to opt your services.

It is really helpful for the nice business and making a very good impression of the patient. It really serves much good quality.

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others - Dashboard for Admin

Hospital Management System in Java, PHP, and others – Dashboard for Admin

Above the screen is for the Admin which is known as Admin Dashboard. This is a screen and features what an admin is going to see. And also, the-the design how the admin is going to see all things.

Now I am listing the features of the Hospital Management System in Java and PHP. These features are the normal features. If you are wondering about this project i.e. Hospital Management System in Java and PHP and want any other specific features to be included in it then it is possible. Just write to us or just fill the contact form you will get instant help regarding that.

Features of Hospital Management System In Java and PHP. Also available for many of other programming languages:

The first question in front of us is that — How much user we have to the login page? Okay, I am providing you the details of those users. Just wait and go ahead.

Yup! It’s almost done. Here the list goes as:

  1. Administrator
  2. Accountant
  3. Doctor
  4. Laboratory operator
  5. Nurse
  6. Patient
  7. Pharmacist
  8. Receptionist.

Above list users will access the Hospital Management System database. And each of the users will get different permission to access the data and fields, except one i.e. Administrator.

I Hope that you actually got the idea why it is that. Why Administrator is going to see the whole data or administrator have different accessing permissions. If you don’t know this or didn’t get the idea then don’t be afraid. I am here to explain you the things in the proper way.

The administrator is a top level user who controls all the things which go in the hospital. That why he/she can access the whole the details and can see what is going inside the hospital.

Now I explain the Login individually. Let’s get started with it.


Let’s talk about the Admin panel first and see what are the features included in the Admin panel. And how it will work. So without making any delay let starts the intro.

Administrator has consisted of following features:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Departments
  3. Doctors
  4. Nurses
  5. Pharmacists
  6. Laboratory Operator
  7. Accountant
  8. Receptionist
  9. Monito Hospital
  10. Noticeboard
  11. Settings
  12. Account


Dashboard is a first and the topmost listed feature. Well, do you have any idea what exactly Dashboard is? Are you sounding yes? Okay, you are so intelligent. If you have any doubt in the dashboard feature let me clear it with the little information regarding the Hospital Management System in Java, PHP and others Dashboard feature.

The dashboard is just an overview of all other features listed with it. Like Doctors, payments and reports like Death, birth etc. Hospital Management System in Java and PHP dashboard gives you the best overview fo the all the ongoing things.


Now we came to the feature department. Are you asking me what is inside the Hospital Management System in Java and PHP’s department feature? No problem! Just listen to  me and give proper attention.

Department is an area consists of the available different fields of the specialized doctor like Cardiologist, Neurologist, Urologist, Gynecologist etc. All the different departments details will be listed here.


Here is the doctor list. Hopefully, you got the point. It is an area in Hospital Management System in Java and PHP where all the doctor list will be displayed and will be shown to the admin. It’s all about the doctor information.


Hospital Management System in Java, PHP, and another programming language is the area where patient details will be shown to the administrator to get the full information related to the patient. This will show that how much patient are present and their profile details.

So this is all about the patient portal.


This is the area which is dedicated to the nurses completely. Here all the names and details of the working nurses will be kept and admin can view the details and can analyze the report properly.


P.S. All the other options are same as the above one having unique facts and usages.

Now coming to the Accountant part. What are the function included in it will be listed here:


  1. Dashboard
  2. Invoice
  3. Profile

These are the function available in the Hospital Management System in Java, PHP under the accountant. In the Invoice we have two more functions:

  1. Add invoice.
  2. Manage Invoices

Now we arrives at the doctor function.


Here is the list, what a doctor can do and perform the tasks. These listed features are the things what a doctor can do for his patients.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Appointment
  3. Prescreption
  4. Patient
  5. Bed Allotment
  6. Blood bank
  7. Report
  8. Message
  9. Profile

Additionally, Dashboard is divided into two parts:

  1. Appointment schedule.
  2. Events schedules


Appointment panel consists of following function:

  1. List of Appointments.
  2. Request Appointment.

Laboratory Operator

  1. Dashboard
  2. Blood bank
  3. Blood doner
  4. Profile

Nurse Panel

  1. Dashboard
  2. Patient
  3. Bed/word
  4. Blood Bank
  5. Report
  6. Profile

Laboratory Operator

  1. Dashboard
  2. Appointments
  3. Prescreption
  4. Doctor
  5. Blood bank
  6. Admit history
  7. Operation history
  8. Invoice
  9. Message
  10. Profile

There are so many interesting features more!

So if you like the project and want to make your project like it then you are most welcome. Contact me I will help you to accomplish your task and real-time project as soon as possible.

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