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Get Node.js assignment help with the professional and powerful India, UK and USA developers. Before getting into the more details let focus on some of the vital facts of the Node.js.

Important facts of Node.js


Let’s get started with some eminent points of the Node.js:

  1. Node.js is an open source and completely free used by many developers about the around the world.
  2. Node.js many of basic modules are written using JavaScript but still it is not a JavaScript framework.
  3. The developer can write new modules in JavaScript.
  4. Node.js is a very powerful platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine.
  5. The architecture of Node.js is an event-driven architecture which is capable of asynchronous I/O.
  6. Event driven architecture is aim to optimise the scalability and throughput of any web-application with the input and output operations.

Why Node.Js is not a JavaScript Framework.


The clear answer to the question is available on It may satisfy you, hopefully! But I can’t guarantee this time because it’s the third party answer. If you are interested to know the answer with the full explanation then just put your comments at last of the post. Bytheway, I am preparing the answer very carefully and update you as soon as possible it get completed. Till then just have a look on the

Bytheway, I am preparing the answer very carefully and update you as soon as possible it get completed. Till then just have a look on the webpage for which I have shared you the link.

Now let’s come straightly to the points of the post – Means the services I am providing related to the Node.js!

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Node.js Assignment Help
Nowadays node.js is rarely used by the people. If you check out the graphs as compared to other you will judge it probably disappearing. It’s only with the shy startup. Have a look at the picture below:
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