Assess your awareness of your knowledge, skills and current competencies.

This is an Inventory that is designed to give you an assessment of your effectiveness. Some items focus on you, some on others with whom you work, and some on your relationship with customers.  When completed, the profile will suggest areas in which you may want to consider investing through developmental and/or reinforcement action.

To deliver the “best” – most realistic – results for your consideration, you are encouraged to:

1.        Be as honest and frank as you can be,

2.         Ask someone who knows you very well to complete the Inventory on you (in addition to your response), then compare the ratings,

3.         Redo the Inventory in about six months’ time to see what differences might have developed


Consider each statement carefully.  Respond to each one using the following scale:

10.  Very Strongly Agree   9.    Strongly Agree   8.    Definitely Agree   7.    Generally Agree6.   Somewhat Agree   5.    No Opinion / Neutral   4.   Somewhat Disagree    3.   Generally Disagree   2.   Definitely Disagree   1.   Strongly Disagree   0.   Very Strongly Disagree

At the end of the questionnaire, transfer your scores to the Scoring Grid which follows.

1.  I feel good about the results I’m getting           
2.  I’m anxious to develop my knowledge and skills           
3.  At  our organisation, we’re the best at what we do           
4.  I feel good about how we treat customers           
5.  There’s a strong bond between people here           
6.  We generally support one another when needed           
7.  I have a clear sense of my priorities           
8.  My life is in good balance and improving           
9.  I know and agree with our organisation’s goals           
10.  I know full well who our customers are           
11.  We are all part of the winning team           
12.  I’m confident I can contribute even more           
13.  I keep the big picture and the details in sight           
14.  I feel everyone can teach me something           
15.  I know how we’re doing against our Goals / Standards           
16.  It’s obvious we all really care about our customers           
17.  My boss and colleagues are ‘there’ for me           
18.  This is a organisation that knows how to win           
19.  I’m satisfied with the quality of my life           
20.  There’s a lot to be gained from every failure           
21.  I’ve ample opportunities to participate at work           
22.  I feel we’re ‘in touch’ with our customers           
23.  Quality/Service is our common responsibility           
24.  The future of our organisation is looking brighter           
25.  My life goals are written down and up-to-date           
26.  Every day I learn / accomplish something new           
27.  Our organisational Mission / Vision is very worthwhile           
28.  Our customers are always treated with respect           
29.  Any differences between us are seen as a strengths           
30.  I can cope with life’s challenges most of the time           
31.  I’m doing what I want with my life           
32.  I take time out to increase my effectiveness           
33.  My contribution to the organisation is quite evident to all           
34.  We’re all committed to satisfying our customers           
35.  I feel good being a part of this organisational team           
36.  I can count on guidance / support from management           
37.  Planning is important to me, and I do it regularly           
38.  I feel good, but I could feel even better           
39.  My contributions to the team are recognised/appreciated           
40.  Our customers know that they are important to us           
41.  We are aware of, and understand our differences           
42.  The emphasis in our organisation is on Quality/Service           
43.  I feel I’m doing some worthwhile things           
44.  I can really see the progress I’m making day by day           
45.  We operate as a team, sharing the load equally           
46.  We always meet commitments made to our customers           
47.  Everyone on the team gives their best effort           
48.  People here are trustworthy and consistent           
49.  I have some worthwhile challenges in my life           
50.  I feel I’m investing my efforts to good purpose           
51.  I can count on the support of my colleagues           
52.  Customers are the only reason we’re in business           
53.  People around me are sensitive and supportive           
54.  I’m confident that we’ll continue to be even more successful           
55.  My progress is measurable and generally satisfying           
56.  I know where I’m going in life, and I will get there           
57.  I can only be successful if the team succeeds           
58.  We all believe that we are each other’s customer           
59.  It’s a good feeling to be contributing to our success           
60.  No matter how tough the challenge, we can do it !           
Now transfer your ratings to the grid on the page which follows >>>>>>

Transfer your answers using the score (column number) in each case

1.                       2.                       3.                       4.                       5.                       6.

7.                       8.                       9.                      10.                     11.                     12.

13.                     14.                     15.                     16.                     17.                     18.

19.                     20.                     21.                     22.                     23.                     24.

25.                     26.                     27.                     28.                     29.                     30.

31.                     32.                     33.                     34.                     35.                     36.

37.                     38.                     39.                     40.                     41.                     42.

43.                     44.                     45.                     46.                     47.                     48.

49.                     50.                     51.                     52.                     53.                     54.

55.                     56.                     57.                     58.                     59.                     60.


1  23456
Personal Focus  Personal GrowthTeam EffectivenessCustomer focussedRelationshipsPersonal Adaptibility
Now, transfer your six scores to the Pie Chart contained in the file named “Results Profile”. First, identify the corresponding section of the Pie Chart. Then, approximate your score-line,  that is, where your score would place. Now shade only that section of the Pie Chart from the centre to your score-line. Repeat for the other sections.   The ideal profile is an even circle, regardless of the percentile score levels.  

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