Python Project Ideas 2019 : Interesting Python Project Ideas (Top, Unique and Best)

Doing a project is a big thing. And it gets obviously complex if you are doing a programming project. Python project ideas are designed to help you out if you’re still in the midway to decide a best and unique python project idea.

Hey, I am Sandy, a Python developer at Team Codingparks. Today I’m gonna tell you something interesting about what we can do to achieve top grades and to decorate our results. Basically, it involves nothing but a right python project idea and good development skills. Actually, here I going to share with you that how toppers become toppers, why not you?

Let’s get started now…

Before talking about big talks about Python, you must be aware of one basic question that:

? What is Python?

If you’re a beginner then you must have answered it. If don’t so then no problem! I’m gonna tell you each and everything about the programming language Python and Python project ideas as well.

Get customized Interesting & Best Innovative Python Project Ideas for Computer Science students of Software Engineering (Final Year Project Ideas).

Python is one of the popular programming language created by Guido Van Rossum. Python was released in the year of 1991. We have lots of uses of Python programming. But mostly it is used for:

  • Web Development (Server Scripting)
  • Software Development
  • Mathematical Operations
  • System scripting

Now, you may be thinking about what we can do using Python? Yeah! It’s a very genuine question to know the real power of the programming language. Programming assignment can be only done if you know the maximum extent of any programming language.

In Python programming language, you can easily create the server-side web application very easily and effectively like facebook, etc. And using Python you can also create software workflows and can even connect database functionality with reading and writing permissions.

By using Python, you can even perform mathematical operations and can handle big data tasks with mathematical complexity. Python can be used for rapid prototyping and for production-ready software development.

Python is a programming language is designed by keeping one thing in mind that it should be similar to the English language. So if you analyze it then you will find similarities of the language with the English language.

? Text editors that can be used for Development in Python:

  • Thonny,
  • Pycharm,
  • Netbeans or Eclipse

Let me introduce you to the syntax of the Python programming language. Let’s start with the normal Hello Worlds text.

– How to print text in Python programming language?

>>> print("Hello, World!")
Hello, World!

Example of finding the greater number is also here:

– How to use mathematical operations in Python?

if 5 > 2:
print("Five is greater than two!")

– How to comment in Python programming language?

If you want to comment in Python programming language then you need to include # as a prefix in the line like, if I need to make a note the (.py is the python file extension) is a code for calculating the average of numbers then I will do it like

#I am also a comment
print("Hello, World!")

Above I have mentioned some examples of Python coding and file extension. More details I will be updating in my upcoming articles. Else getting deep into the details about the Python let’s get involved with the main topic i.e. Python project ideas.

? Why choose the best Python project idea?

It’s very simple. If your idea is good then you can make a better project with proper explanation and details. Are you asking me why? Let me explain it to you.

Python project idea can play a vital role to decide the failure and success of your python project. That’s because of consistency. The idea consists of the following things:

  • A Python project idea shows the creativity of the team and the individuals.
  • Features of the project that can be implemented and how effective are they.
  • Scalability is also a big issue that how scalable is your project? Is it going to benefit society or the globe?
  • Development cost and other factors. Before getting deep into the python project idea ensure that it is feasible for you as a student or at your level. If you are a student then you must take care of the costing. As you carry limitation for spending money.


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Now you must be getting a question in your mind that what are some Interesting python projects?

In Python programming language we can do much more good things and interesting things. Python is now one of the programming languages that are viral nowadays and mostly used for many development areas. I don’t have to tell you tons of example here, only one is enough, that is Facebook.

Facebook uses the same, I mean Python programming language for coding on its backend. So here we have one of the top social platform names which are using the same. So you can imagine how important and well know programming language is Python.

As per my consideration, Python programming language for Project and assignment development is the best alternative for C, C++, and even Java.

Are you asking me why? Let me elaborate it for you. I am listing key features in the below list. These are seriously made a very deep impact on software development industries. Let have a look:

  • Python is very easy to learn and use.
  • Python is a developer-friendly and high-level programming language.
  • Python is a very expressive language in terms of readability and understanding.
  • Simple to code or write. Minimum complexity.
  • Python is an interpreted language which executes the code line by line at a time, which makes error finding or debugging of code easily.
  • Cross-platform language. You can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • Free and Open Source
  • Object-Oriented language; yeah you read it right. It also supports object-oriented programming.
  • GUI Programming support is also avaliable.

Let’s come directly to the Python project ideas topics, else praising Python more 😛

So, here I am going to divide the python project ideas into multiple categories like management systems, health, games, mathematical, etc.

Record Management Systems: Python Project Ideas

  1. Gun License Management System, Python project idea.
  2. Social Media File downloader in Python project idea
  3. Zoo management system, python project ideas
  4. Toll plaza management system python project idea
  5. General store management system using Python
  6. Hospital management system Python project ideas
  7. Garage management system, Python project ideas
  8. In and Out record-keeping system, Python project ideas
  9. Gym Management system, Python project idea
  10. Hostel management system using Python programming language.

Productivity and Health-Based Applications: Python Project Ideas

  1. System performance analyzer, a Python project idea
  2. Workout/Exercise manager for a gym, Python project ideas
  3. Menstruation Cycle reminder application for women; Python project idea
  4. Diet and Nutrition tracker application, Python project idea
  5. Currency converter application, Python project idea
  6. Alarm clock using a Python programming language (Basic Level)
  7. World Clock using Python programming language
  8. Productivity calculator for selling agencies using Python, Python project idea.
  9. Patient Medicine reminder app using Python programming language
  10. Online Resume builder using Python programming, Python project idea

Game and Entertainment Based Application: Python Project Ideas

  1. Snake game implementation using Python, a great project idea for beginners
  2. Sudoku game implementation using Python, Python project idea
  3. Car game implementation using Python, Python project idea
  4. Ludo game using Python, a Game Python ptoject idea.

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