Refund Policy @

We at provide our clients a very simple and easy to return policy without any hassle. If you are not happy with the services of then you can take a refund of the amount you paid to our company. But certain terms and conditions are applicable to that. Go ahead you will get to know that.

At the very first, we will always pray that you should not reach this step. If you have faced any issue with your project then please ensure our terms and condition regarding that:

You can get an easy refund if you face any of the following problems:

  • If your project, assignment or code is copied then you will get instant credit of the amount, we will look into the matter and after proper evidence and investigations, your request will be accepted, if it comes true.
  • If there is any delay of update from our end or any delivery delay occurs from our end, then your refund request will be accepted.

  • If you face any technical difficulties or faults (like incomplete code etc.) in the programming only then you are eligible for the refund process.
  • If you have done any down payment and you have taken your delivery on time or before time, your refund request will be rejected.
  • If there is any academic loss like you don’t score well or got a low grade or failed to crack then Team Codingparks or any of the person related to the project or Team is not responsible for your academic loss.
  • If you face any financial loss even then team or its representative or anyone related to the project is not responsible. The refund request will be rejected.
  • For more terms and conditions details and acceptance you must visit our Terms & Condition page. 
  • If your project is not delivered due to any technical problem or any natural disaster then your refund request will be rejected immediately, without a single thought.
  • If any of the information provided by you regarding project, homework, assignment, contact details, college details or any asked information found wrong then your request will be terminated instantly with notice or without any notice. Even you can be penalized or fined by Team for creating false request.
  • If there is any delay in reply or message revert from your side, and delivery get delayed due to this, then no refund will be provided. Even you can be penalized or fined by Team for creating false request.
  • If you try to threaten or warn any of our representative or any abusive message to them, your request will not be entertained.