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Sea Food Dishes Assignment (100% Solved)

Assessment 1 – Project

Your task is to write the answers to each of the following questions. Answers should exceed 50 words but no more than 100 words for each questions:

1.          Discuss the culinary terms and trade names for:
            a.         Four (4) ingredients commonly used in the production of different fish and shellfish dishes
            b.         Four (4) classical and contemporary seafood dishes
            c.         Four (4) varieties of seafood and styles of cooking
2.         Identify the contents of stock date codes and rotation labels.
3.         Explain the different seafood classifications.
4.         What are the characteristics of four (4) seafood products and 4 fish and shellfish dishes?
5.         List the preparation techniques for the following fish and shellfish:
            a.         Flat and round fish
            b.         Oily and white fish
            c.         Ocean and freshwater fish
            d.         Octopus and squid
            e.         Shellfish:
                        i.          Crustaceans
                        ii.         Molluscs
            f.          Whole or filleted fish
6.         List four (4) cookery methods for varieties and cuts of fish and shellfish.
7.         Identify four (4) pieces of equipment used to produce seafood dishes.
8.         Briefly describe how you would care for and maintain your knives.
9.         List two (2) pieces of equipment you would use during seafood preparation and explain the features and functions of each one and the safe operating practices used for each one.
10.       Identify the mise en place requirements for seafood dishes.
11.       What are the appropriate environmental conditions for storing and thawing fish and shellfish products to ensure food safety and optimise shelf life?

12. Explain how to portion and serve fish and shellfish according to recipe requirements.

13. What garnishes may be added to seafood dishes?

 14.Why must you visually evaluate and adjust the seafood dish?

15. List three (3) seafood accompaniments.

16. How do you thaw frozen seafood in accordance with food safety guidelines?

 17.How do you calculate ingredient amounts to requirements?

 18. Why must you confirm food production requirements with standard recipes and food preparation lists?

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