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Hello dear, what’s up? Hopefully, everything is going well in your life. Let’s start with some terms and conditions of using www.codingparks.com. Before acquiring our services you must be clear with a few things. These conditions are equal for anyone from any location. I’m listing terms and conditions below. Let’s start with it.

  • Codingparks.com is an online website that provides educational stuff and online content that helps students to get to know about educational topics and to accomplish their assignment and project on time. We also provide very useful educational content that is documented on our every post of the website is strictly prohibited for reuse or republish in any manner, without legal written permission from us.
  • Tutorials and guides are best to use as per our knowledge. But it doesn’t mean that it is 100% correct. We do cross-checking and all very carefully but if there is any bug, error or mistake then the user is liable to check and correct that. And you have to use that with proper caution at your own risk.
  • We take our clients at extreme care but still if it is financial or academic or any type of loss by using Codingparks author or guides, then we are not liable for that. You are using our services at your own liability. But we ensure that we deliver you good quality as per our knowledge.
  • All the codingparks.com online material is an intangible property of the respective owner.
  • User must follow the rules and regulation of his/her nation as well as our nation also.
  • If the user violates any rule and regulation of his/her nation then he/she must be liable for the liability.
  • User must follow the rules and regulation of their respective company, institution, school or university.
  • If a user breaks any law of his/her respective company, institution, school or university integrity in any manner he/she must be liable for that.
  • If there is any legal criminal action is taken by any company, institution, school or university against user then he/she is completely liable for that. Website or our team members will not be held for any liability in such cases.
  • We can’t be held responsible for any violation of rules and regulation of any company, institution, school or university integrity.
  • We can stop, decline or modify any service without any prior notice.
  • While doing a transaction using third-party services like PayPal etc. you have to third-party charges also, that can vary from 5% to 18%. We always recommend you to use our own gateway instead.
  • All the transactions related to website services are considered non-refundable. Only if our management decides that it should be refundable then only it’s refundable. Otherwise, if you have made the payment once, will be non-refundable. No third party claim like PayPal disputes and all will be considered. If any dispute is raised against any of the transaction will not be refunded. If you want to get a full or partial refund please go through our refund policy once.
  • We make our best efforts to keep your confidential data secured but if due to any problem any issue occurs then our team will not be responsible. codingparks.com will not be taking care of anything.
  • We will provide our best for your assignment/project completion, but we are not aware of the evaluation criteria of your university/college, so we are not responsible if you are not getting good marks.
  • If the cost of the project is 100USD+ then you have to pay 50% in advance and remaining after completion of the project and the first 50% is not refundable if we delivered the project.
  • It is your responsibility to test the assignment before submission and let me know if any changes are required, once you submitted the assignment our responsibility is over.
  • We will give you full support until your assignment/project not satisfied your project requirements. No refund is applicable in the case if the assignment is failed, but if project is failed due to our mistake then refund can be considered*.
  • After delivery of the project, you will get 48 hours to test your project/assignment and let us know within that timeline otherwise extra charges will be applicable.
  •  You will get the full refund if you are canceling your order within 24 hours of the project activation*.
  • Deliveries and material, digital papers and other material for which you (Client) paid us, will only be used for reference purpose only. We never gurantee you about any score, grades etc. You can only use our provided document for refernce purpose only. They are not ment for as it is submission/use.  For any miss happening, loss in your academics will not be entertained in any case. [Clause updated on 20-11-2021]

* Refers to – In some cases (No Assurance)

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