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I’m Ananya Thakur. Thanks for choosing and trusting Codingparks.com. We have got your details and we’ll be with you shortly.

You’re looking for a person who can do your project and assignment or homework material and this is exactly what Codingparks.com specialize in. Talk about a perfect match!

I’ll keep this short and we can go into more details when we chat. 

Meanwhile, you can add me on WhatsApp too. My WhatsApp contact number is +91-859-152-2456.

Before anything else, I know you’re probably curious to see my work. Please have a look at our portfolio: https://www.codingparks.com/our-portfolio/

As you can see from my samples, I enjoy working with clients that take the good quality product seriously. I take Lil time to check out your work requirements and then I start with my strategies. Before we start working together, I will contact you and discuss software specifications and I will also explain my process, my design personality, and creating timelines.

Finally, to answer your question about the software, I work on a Mac/Windows with the latest and updated software. 

I’d love to chat with you over WhatsApp to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I am available 24/7. Add me on WhatsApp.

I look forward to our chat. Have a great day!


Ananya Thakur (Project Manager)

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