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  • Create an Angular web Application called GradeBook.

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  • Header Component that includes a title to the Angular Application, that is red in color and centerd on the screen using appropriate CSS attributes.
  • Footer Component that includes Your Full Name / Your Student Number / Your Campus / Your picture.
  • NOTE: The picture of you must be small; it should be small enough not to create scrolling on either page / not much bigger than the text in the footer.
  • A Grades.ts file that has properties for 3 grade values, a property to calculate Average, Grade Percent and a grade letter (from A+ to  F).
  • Content Component will include the following:

Display a table on the content component that shows a student’s grade card in tabular format.

Include  the NAME, Student Number and Campus as @Input Strings. Values can be hard coded in the component.ts file and MUST be displayed using {{}} interpolation.

Similarly, create a Student object from the Student.ts file that you just created and hard code the 3 grade values(1 -100) of your choice.

Now, calculate the student’s Average, Percentage and find the grade letter using functions in the component.ts file. Add the found values to your Student Object and display the information to the user.

  • The user MUST be shown a header on the top, content in the center of the page and the Footer at the bottom of the page.

How I will be grading exercise…

  • I will be using Chrome’s Toggle Device Bar for Galaxy S5 in Landscape mode only
  • Remember, this is a mobile site so formatting and layout should reflect this; too much scrolling or whitespace will reduce your mark.

What to submit…

  • Publish site to your cPanel account in an Assignments folder (does not have to be password protected) or a folder of your choice
  • To include in SLATE drop box:
    • ZIP the site folder / make sure all files/folders are included
  • Remember:
    • You have 3 days past the due date with 10% off per day to submit; After 3 days, the exercise will no longer be accepted
    • Sites not published will have 50% deducted automatically
    • See Academic Procedures for Evaluations in SLATE for full details on submission evaluations
    • Each assignment must be done individually.
      I will be checking for copying especially if the assignments look similar and will file an academic integrity breach if necessary
  • This is not an assignment that should be started the day it is due.
    Since you have 2 weeks to complete the assignment, NO EXTENSIONS to the due date will be given.

Grading Rubric…

Header, Content and Footer1
Content Component HTML design and using String Interpolation2
Student.ts file2
Functions that generate calculate Avegrage, Percentage and return a Grade Letter3
Using @Inputs decorations and populating the Student Object2
Mobile / Both pages must fit in mobile space with minimal scrolling (over and above)-2

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