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Write an ARM program that does the following:

1.  Prints “input a string”

2.  Reads the input string

3. Calculates the length of the string

4. Outputs the string length to the console

5. Determines if the string is a palindrome

6. Outputs whether the string is a palindrome

We will only be testing strings up to 7 characters in length.

Test files have been provided in the Programming Assignment. The “pa1-sample-tests.png” image shows correct outputs for 5 different test cases.

You may also test your submission using provided text input and output files. Download the test files from the Canvas folder and transfer them to your emulator. Then run the following commands, which match the process used by our autochecker:

> cp pa1.txt pa1.s
> gcc -o pa1 pa1.s
> stdbuf -oL ./pa1 < >test-1.out
> diff test-1.out 1.out

If your output matches ours, there should be no output from the diff command. Replace the 1 in, 1.out, and test-1.out with 2, 3, 4, and 5 to test the remaining sample cases.

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