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BSBWHS605 Task 1 Questions with 100% Solutions (Plagiarism-Free)

1. What is a work health and safety management system? Give examples of what it can help an organization with.

2. Think of potential risk at your organization. What would the impact be if it occurred and what is the likelihood of this risk occurring?

3. Why is it important to consult with employees and anybody else who may have an impact on the health and safety of an organization?

4. What is the consultation process?

5. How can you help to facilitate

6. What is the policy?

7. What are the procedures?

8. What type of information about the organization’s safety performance, will you need to collect for the initial review?

9. What does Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation state that employers must provide their staff with?

10. What are the internal and external factors that can affect policy development and reviews?

11. Policy requirements may differ slightly depending on the type of policy. What are some general policy requirements?

12. Identify the questions you should ask when developing WHS policy, in order to meet organizational requirements and appropriateness

13. How can you create a policy committee to engage individuals and parties? Note how the policy group could consult and how they could help to persuade people to agree to WHS policy.

14. What methods could you use to request comments from stakeholders about WHS policy?

15. How can you encourage people to participate in the WHS planning stage and why is it important to do this?

16. Outline communication considerations when consulting with individuals and parties about the WHS plan.

17. What are some examples of WHS implementation requirements?

18. For communication to others in the workplace, outline what is involved with one of the above WHS implementation requirements

19. What consultation processes do you use in implementing plans at your workplace?

20. The WHS Act 2011, sets out a consistent framework that must be complied with in order to secure the health and safety of workers. What specifically does it do?

21. What do workplace inspections help to identify?

22. What needs to be in place for you to measure and evaluate WHS performance?

23. You may need to have consultations about how you measure and evaluate WHS performance. What would you need to check?

24. How can mathematical and problem-solving strategies help when measuring and evaluating WHS performance?

25. What strategies can you and your organization employ to develop a continuous improvement culture? (Provide at least three.)

26. How can you elicit feedback to assess the effectiveness of work health and safety practices?

27. Give some example solutions (at least three) for improving WHSMS.

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