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                                              Final Exam 40%

Course Identification
Course title:EXPORT OF SERVICES   
Teacher’s name:N. Allami
Duration:3 hours  
Semester:Fall 2020
Student Identification
  Name: ______________________________________                     Student number: ______________ Date: __14____January ___ 2020___________                                                 Result: ______________ ☐ I declare that I am the only author of the content written in this work and that it is original.
Standard of the Evaluated Competency

Statement of the evaluated competency

Manage a product or service marketing project 01UH (410D0)
Elements of the competency
1- Analyze the demand and feasibility of the project
2- Plan and organize project activities
3- Coordinate and close the project activities
·      Class notes are not allowed and students may not use the dictionary. ·      No break is allowed during this exam. Students are not allowed to exit the examination room before half of the allotted time has passed. Once a student has exited the classroom, he/she may not re-enter (IPEL – Article 5.12.4). ·      The teacher will not answer questions during the exam. ·      Students must remain silent during the exam. ·      Plagiarism, attempts at plagiarism or complicity in plagiarism during a summative evaluation, results in a mark of zero (0). In the case of recidivism, in the same course or in another course, the student will be given a grade of ‘0’ for the course in question.(IPEL – Article 5.16). ·      It is the teacher’s responsibility to identify language errors. If such errors are found, teachers may apply a penalty of up to 10% of the grade (IPEL – Article 5.7). ·      Please write clearly.
Mark Breakdown
This evaluation is worth 100 points, distributed as follows: 3 Short development questions                                                              For a total of 40 marks 3 Long development  questions                                                             For a total of 60 marks   TOTAL: 100 POINTS
Evaluation Grid:
Did not master any part of the competency Has clearly mastered very little of the competency Minimal mastery of the competency Satisfactory mastery of the competency Very good mastery of the competency Excellent mastery of the competency 0 1%-29% 30%-59% 60%-74% 75%-89% 90%-100%
  • Section 1: Questions with short development (40 marks)
  1. A company has the licence to produce a specific line of trademarked, movie-related action figures. Should the company adapt the figures? Explain your reason (15 marks)
  • What is the difference between the registrations of a product patent versus the registration of an industrial design? (10 marks)
  • Determine the factors to consider while developing standardized and customised services targeting international market. (15 marks)
  • Section 2: Questions with long development (60 marks, 20 marks for each question)
  1. A company that produces exercise equipment, such as exercise balls, bands, and hand weights, recognizes that physical injury could occur from consumers failing to use the equipment correctly or not being in appropriate condition to use the equipment. What can the company do to mitigate their risk of regulatory compliance?
  • A Japanese company is going to export their food product to the United States and Canada. The food products are bagged by weight before being packed in boxes for shipping. Describe the packaging concerns the company will need to address.
  • Describe the importance of product life cycle investigation when developing or adapting products for international trade.

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