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CHCCCS011 Online Assessment Student copy V2.0 – AIBT Global EDU

Q.1 Why a carer should be aware of sensory impairment such as hearing, vision or speech impairment? What principles would you adopt to provide care to people with similar impairment? How can you seek support from relevant people?

Answer: The explanations behind staying alert about the tangible disability by the guardian are examined underneath: If the consideration takes will …


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Q.2. What do you understand by ‘high-fall risk clients’? Discuss some strategies that help clients to maintain their optimal mobility and self-care whilst preventing risks of falls.

Answer: The clients who can undoubtedly fall while standing likewise are considered to be high fall hazard clients. As the age …(Want the full answer? Click here!)

Q.3. Why is skin integrity important in clients? What do you understand by pressure sore? What can you do to help clients prevent the development of pressure sores?

Answer: The skin uprightness is fundamental as a result of the accompanying reasons: (Want the full answer? Click here!)

Q.4. Discuss some methods by which you can recognize pain in elderly clients.
Answer: The techniques for perceiving torment are:

  1. Self-re (Want the full answer? Click here!)

Q.5. What do you understand by the ‘normal bladder’ and ‘normal bowel’ habits of a client? What is incontinence? How would you help a cognitively fit client to maintain their normal continence?
The ordinary bladder implies:

The hold of p (Want the full answer? Click here!)

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