COMP.7211 Advanced User Interface Programming (C# Assignment Help)

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Learning outcomes:

  • Research information to acquire an in depth knowledge of a range of advanced UI features that extend the standard User Interface development environment of a given programming language.
  • Successfully apply advanced features and techniques in a given programming language when writing code to solve selected UI problems.
  • Communicate knowledge of a given programming language in a form which other programmers will find usable, relevant and easily intelligible.

Assignment Requirements:


The assignment must be a product of your own work, except for the use of resources supplied with the course, discussions conducted with the lecturers, and other assistance shown as acceptable in the section Assistance to Other Students below.

Assistance to other students:

Students themselves can be excellent resources to assist the learning of fellow students, but there are issues that arise in assessments that relate to the type and amount of assistance given by students to other students.  It is important to recognise what types of assistance are beneficial to another’s learning and also what types of assistance are acceptable in an assessment.

Beneficial Assistance (this assignment)

  • Study Groups
  • Discussion
  • Sharing reading material

Unacceptable Assistance

  • Working together on one copy of the assessment and submitting it as your own work
  • Giving another student your work
  • Copying someone else’s work
  • Changing or correcting another student’s work
  • Copying from books, the Internet etc. and submitting it as your own work

Assessment Requirements

Part A

Research a commercial Integrated Development Environment that supports the development of UWP applications.

Investigate some of the following features offered by the IDE and explain how they facilitate UI development:

  • Rational for selecting this particular Integrated Development Environment
  • Project workspace
  • Design window
  • Code window
  • Solutions explorer
  • Properties window
  • Tool box
  • Platform specific coding features offered
  • IDE debugging options offered

Part B

You are to develop a simple game of your own choosing that demonstrates your understanding of the theoretical material covered so far in this paper.

Your application can be in the format of a single page UWP application.

Your application should be of sufficient coding complexity so that an example of each of the following programming constructs is implemented in your solution:

  • Basic programming constructs
  • Advanced programming constructs
  • Basic UI constructs
  • Advanced UI constructs
  • Extended UI features

You are required to discuss your solution to the assignment with your lecturer in order to clarify the scope of each of the above topics in relation to your solution to the assignment.

Based on your discussions with your lecturer, you are also required to provide a short set of notes explaining your implementation choices and where you have provided evidence of the assignment requirements in your application.

COMP.7211 – Advanced User Interface Programming                           

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