What is a Computer Architecture?

What is Computer Architecture? (Definition of Computer Architecture)

In Computer Science, we have a basic computer architecture of a Computer. Before getting deep into the Computer different components details, we must know what is a computer and its architecture?

So let’s start with the Computer definition at very first.

What is a Computer? Can you define it in a very simple way? 

Yes, I can define a computer in a very simple way, with a very basic definition about it.

A computer is an electronic device, with which we can read and write, compute and compare, store and process a large volume of data, with high speed, accuracy, and reliability.

I think if you are a beginner then the above definition is very appropriate for you. A computer consists of many things to it, internally and externally both. So for that, we have to learn about computer architecture. So here comes the need of its definition.

What is Computer Architecture?

Computer Architecture is a set of computer disciplines that describes the parts or components of the computer system and their relation to each other ant very micro level, in terms of software processes, not the hardware. Computer Architecture deals with the following things:

  1. The programmatical functional behaviour of the computer.
  2. The logical structure of the system components

Above two things are very important if you want to understand the computer properly.

I think you are now clear with the definition of Computer and Computer Architecture. If you have any doubts then do comment below.


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