Employability Skills Business Project

Module: Employability Skills Business Project
Tutor: Nathan Veerasamy
Assessment type: Individual Business Project Report WRIT1 (100% weighting)


  • Enable students to develop a greater understanding of the world of work, through which students will be able to develop their problem-solving, analytical skills, self-reflection, interpersonal and communication skills by drawing on the experience of a virtual workplace setting.
  • Enhance students’ employability and awareness of career opportunities
  • Provide authentic learning situations in which students articulate their skills, attributes, knowledge, and experience in written form and verbally within a framework of employer requirements.
  • Enable students to develop a new retail business concept and present their idea/proposal in the form of a Business Plan.
  • Learning outcomes: On successful completion of this module, students should be able to: –
    • Analyze the virtual retail organization’s structure, determining strengths and weaknesses and reflecting upon the application of theory to resolve challenges provided through the development of a new retail business concept;
    • Describe the skills gained through the development of the retail business concept and how these might be transferred to improve future employability opportunities, and life situations.
    • Work as part of a group planning team, evaluate the personal contribution made to the planning process.
    • Demonstrate their ability to undertake primary and secondary research necessary to explore the potential of a new retail business concept.

Indicative content

  • Develop the culture of the organization
  • Negotiating tasks, duties, and responsibilities within a working environment.
  • Understanding the roles and duties of operative, supervisory, and managerial staff.
  • Understanding the relationship between theoretical studies and the world of work.
  • Evaluate and understand the theoretical principles as applied in the workplace.
  • Develop common, personal, and social skills and the understanding of ethical issues.
  • Organizational structures, and operational policies and practices
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Students are required to engage as part of a project team, who will work to develop a potential new retail business concept which will be confirmed through an individually written business plan.

Business Plan (1000 words)

You need to demonstrate your understanding of the operational and commercial implications of a business project as per the Hotel Simulation Brief. The formal business report will need to address all the requirements of the Owners
For this part you are specifically required to:

  • Make a proposal for the refurbishment of the remaining rooms including approximate costing, scheduled timeline, operational and commercial impact
  • Investigate the possibility of utilizing the lobby lounge and convert it to a coffee shop with extended operating hours. Include the proposed concept and style including suggested menu items and costing
  • Make a proposal to reduce the staff turnover and implementation of a robust orientation, induction, and training plan for new employees.
  • Develop a Sales and Marketing plan to promote the new coffee shop concept and the launch of the newly refurbished rooms including pricing strategy
  • Respond to business environment changes and additional Owners’ requests

Reflective report (500 words)

This section is to provide you with an opportunity to highlight your personal contribution to the group and your role within the team. Also, it is an opportunity to reflect on skills learned and how these can be applied in the future and how can improve your employability.
For this part you are specifically required to:

  • Provide a description of your specific role within the team and your contribution
  • Provide a reflection of what went well and what could have been done better with reference to your contribution to the project
  • Provide a reflection on what skills you have learned and how these can be applied in the future especially with regards to your employability
    Overall you need to demonstrate engagement with appropriate and relevant academic and factual texts and journal articles
    The report must be fully referenced in Harvard Referencing Style (with full bibliography) and must reference at least 5 academic and 5 factual sources

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