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You are required to create a python3 docker image (do not use python 2) that runs the python http server module (see details below). It is very important that your image is based on python3 official from docker, no other image is acceptable

The http server should serve one static html page, and this page should contain:

  1. A docker tutorial for a 4th year computing audience, instructing them how to use docker – following the methods from the our labs, but completely in your own words.
  2. A detailed description of how you completed this CA
  3. At least 4 links to outside resources
  4. Good standard html design


  • Dockerfile: This file should contain only 4 docker commands, it should not be more complex. Use FROM, WORKDIR, COPY, CMD (and only these).
  • python3 comes with a handy http server module (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Common_questions/set_up_a_local_testing_server), so use this – nothing else is needed
  • No python code is required, no bash code is required
  • You will need one html page as per the instructions above
  • The http server should listen on port 8080
  • Commit your work to your private EPA repo in a directory called CA1 – no other submission mechanism will be accepted

Marking Scheme (out of 100)

  1. Comprehensively commented Dockerfile to the specs mentioned above: 25% [location: github]
  2. html to the specs mentioned above: 25% [location: github]
  3. Docker image to be pulled from your private google repo: 10% [location google cloud repo]
  4. 10 Minute video presentation of your work: 40% [location any drive share]

Upload Requirements

You will be required to upload one single document, using the template shown below:

Upload Template – complete this document fully including the declaration below and upload to moodle on or before the designated cut-off. You should attach a signature scan.

  1. My EPA github URL is: ——————–
  2. The google cloud pull URL for my docker image is: ————
  3. The share location for my 10 minute video is: ——————–

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