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The assignment will be to complete the provided Jupyter notebook. In this notebook, we already provide you with the basic code on how to check the Logical Satisfiability and Entailment of a Propositional Logic knowledge base, and how to use a knowledge graph for modeling Schnapsen.

The TA shave slots of 30 minutes for groups of maximally 4 students, in which they can help you with your technical problems.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this exercise, you should be able to use the implementations of the basic algorithms of Davis Putnam using an SAT solver we provide. You should be able to
1. Be able to apply an SAT solver to check for satisfiability and entailment (bots)
2. Learn how to use a knowledge graph for playing Schnapsen.

The purpose of these assignments is to make you familiar with logical reasoning, and how it can be applied in the Schnapsen game.

Getting started
You will have to download the following file and
add it to the main directory of the schnapsen
the directory you downloaded the last week:
logicalagentsAndKG.ipynb (https://canvas.vu.nl/courses/57444/files/4421502/download)

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