How to create a Database project to create HR schema and employee details.

You have to create following things:

  • Create your own schema as a copy of the HR schema. [Create tables with only copying the structure of tables.]
  • Insert 10-15 records for each table.
  • Write a PL/SQL code to retrieve the employee details whose employee number is input by the user.
  • Write a PL/SQL code to display employee details along with region and country names of 5 highest-paid employees.
  • Write a PL/SQL function that accepts the department number and returns the total salary of the department. Also, write a function to call the function.
  • Write a trigger on the employee table which shows the old values and new values of the first name after any updations on the first name on the Employee table.
  • Generate star schema Employees. The grain of the schema should be the combination of hire year, location, region, and country.
  • Create a process to Load the data to the star schema from the central Employee repository.

Note: You must submit work distribution report individual involvement within a team for the project.

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