How to Create a Python Login Module?

How to find Find and fix bugs in the Login Module code?

Answer Hint: Write name of each bug which you find and explain briefly how you fix it.

  • Same username:– User can register with same username and different password. This is corrected by adding a new functionality in the module by not letting two users with same username
  • Blank password:- the module is accepting a password without any letters, i.e. a password with a single white space is also accepted. This was removed by adding new function  to have a password with atleast one uppercase letter.

How to Add a minimum of five new features to this Login Module.

Answer Hint: Write the name of each feature and explain briefly about it.

  • Add email:– For registering the user another field of the email is added. This is added at the register screen and the values are stored along with the username and password.
  • Add security question: This has added extra security to the user and the login can be accessed with it. This is done by adding the feature at the registration page.
  • Forget password: The new button at the login screen is added which helps users to access the system i.e. login with this button. This will take the user to the security question and he can answer this correctly to get a login success.
  • Username: There is a new functionality that was added which won’t allow two users with the same name to register.
  • Password strength: To make a password more secure and strong password should contain an uppercase letter.

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