Human Resource Management Questions

Question 1

Explain the importance of human resource management (hrm) to the successful management of contemporary organizations, focusing on current issues facing them.

(Guidance notes: Discuss the contribution hrm can make to achieving organisational objectives, with examples of the kinds of issues hrm can be involved with e.g competition for talent, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, equality of pay and rewards, diversity management).

                                                                                                              (50 marks)

Question 2

Why is it important for managers to understand the concepts of organizational culture and climate?

(Guidance notes: Define and explain organizational culture by making reference to a minimum of two culture models/typologies. Some students may wish to use the parallels with national culture to assist this. Organizational climate needs to be defined and differentiated from culture. An analysis/explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each perspective, model/typology is likely to characterize a better answer in explaining how theory can be used to inform management practice.)

Question 3

With reference to relevant theories, concepts, and real-life examples, identify the most common barriers to change and explain how can these be addressed?

(Guidance notes: You should start with an explanation of how in today’s society everyone is affected by a change before moving onto an explanation of change management theory in relation to organizational contexts and why an understanding of this is important. Resistance to change to be explained in order to highlight the potential barriers to change as well as other OB factors (e.g. role and style of management; leadership ideology and style; motivation; organizational structure, etc). A variety of organizational examples should be used to support the answer.)

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