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BEA111 Intro to Markets and the Economy

Assignment 2 – Macroeconomics

Due Date  :Week 12 Sunday 22 May 23:00 (AEST)
Contribution to
your final Grade
:35% of your final assessment
Total marks for this assignment:350 marks


  1. This assignment must be completed and submitted by each individual student.
  • The assignment must be typed. You must use and font no smaller than 11 point and line spacing of 1.5 or larger.
  • Answer all six (6) questions. Marks for each question and each section are given in the assignment.
  • Try to answer the question directly. In this min assignment, short succinct well-written explanations of the answers are preferred to responses with superfluous information that do not directly answer the question.
  • For this assignment, unlike the previous BEA111 assignments this year, you may wish or need to consider other information other than those posed in the question.
  • You must choose an established referencing system. Many units at TSBE at UTAS require or encourage the Harvard system. Law at UTAS uses the AGLC system. We suggest you use “Harvard Referencing” or “AGLC Referencing”. More information on referencing can be found at the UTAS library’s page  https://utas.libguides.com/referencing.
  • You must reference the acknowledge the source of the words or ideas that have been used in preparing your assignment when not your own. Work which has not been properly referenced will be penalised. Any assignment that tries to pass off others’ ideas/words as their own will receive a zero grade.  For this assignment, your references may only include the ABS publication and: Blacklow, P., 2022, BEA111 Introduction to Market and the Economy, Lecture Notes, University of Tasmania.

Instructions continued on the next page.

Instructions (continued)

  • Only if you directly quote or directly mention a source in the text of your answer, are you required to use “in-text” referencing where you must provide the author’s surname and year in the text as either “(Blacklow, 2020)” or “Blacklow (2020)”.
  • Diagrams may be hand drawn and photographed/scanned and embedded into your document.  Please ensure all diagrams are easily visible.  You may draw diagrams electronically if you wish, but it can take a considerable amount of time.
  1. Please include the BEA111 Assignment Title Page / Cover Sheet information (at the end of this document) as the first page of your assignment (by cutting and pasting it into your document). Ensure you have included:
    1. Your full name
    1. Your student ID
    1. Your tutorial day and time for Hobart and Cradle Coast on campus students
    1. Your study mode or campus: Distance, Hobart or Cradle Coast
    1. You signature or mark indicating at the end of the stated declaration that your submission is your own original work.  You may take a picture of your signature and insert it, or any make other text or mark to indicate that you have made the declaration.
  1. Save your file as a PDF file “BEA121 Assignment 123456.pdf”, where 123456 is your student ID.
  1. Log into BEA121 MyLO and select the Assessment/Assignments link. Select the Assignment submission link to upload your file. Upload your PDF file containing your assignment by selecting the “Add a File” button and then click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  1. Assignments will be passed through the TurnItIn software to check that your work is original and that you have referenced appropriately. See http://www.utas.edu.au/turnitin/info-for-students for more information.  Students may submit their assignment to TurnItIn themselves prior to submitting to check the academic integrity of their work. to check the academic integrity of their work.
  1. Unfortunately, TurnItIn does not work very well for some types of economics assignments (particularly basic principles and microeconomics) and will often warn you that you have a high Similarity Score of 60%-90%. If you have not directly used material, that is not in your references, you have nothing to be concerned about by a high TurnItIn Similarity Score for this assignment and can confidently submit your assignment.
  1. https://askus.utas.edu.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/1862/~/what-is-office-365%3F

Pages:                 https://spreadsheeto.com/how-to-use-excel/

Videos:                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_ZJLJK5PjM

Assessment Criteria

For each sub- question, question and thus the whole mini assignment we will apply the following assessment criteria when marking your assignment.

Unit ILOUnit
Assessment CriteriaWeightPoor/Unsatisfactory
50% mark
11.1Choice of concept25%Chooses mainly the wrong concepts for the question.Chooses most of the correct concepts for the questionChooses all the correct concepts for the question.
22.1Application of concept to the question25%Applies chosen concept(s) incorrectly or uses mainly the wrong information.Applies the chosen concept(s) but with some errors and/or uses some incorrect or from the question or superfluous information.Applies the chosen concept(s) with no errors and uses all the correct information from the question and no superfluous information.
22.2Explanation of the application of the concept to the question and its scenario.50%Does not explain the application of all concepts and does not relate it to the correct information in the question.Explains the application of all concepts and relates it to the correct information in the question, but with some errors or numerous grammar errors.Perfectly explains the application of all concepts and relates it to the correct information in the question with perfect grammar.

Note that you will not receive a mark against each assessment criteria for each question or section (sub-questions) within a question, only a total mark for each sub-question and question.

Your marks for each individual question will be rounded to the nearest whole mark (or potentially ½ mark in some cases) with ½ marks rounded down.

To obtain full marks on a question or sub-question you must choice, application, explanation, spelling, grammar and sentence/paragraph structure must be perfect.

For example, if the section of a question is worth 4 marks and your choice of concept is correct (1 out of 1 mark), but you make some errors in application (½ mark out of 1 mark) but your explanation is perfect (2 marks out of 2 marks), you will score 3 marks out of the potential 4 marks.

While the assessment criteria provides examples of 0% (poor), 50% (OK) or 100% (perfect) marks, your answer may be deemed to be in between those examples and you may be awarded 25%, 75% or any other percentage for each sub-question.

BEA111 Intro to Markets and the Economy

Assignment 2 – Macroeconomics

Due Date  :Week 12 Sunday 22 May 23:00 (AEST)
Contribution to
your final Grade
:35% of your final assessment
Total marks for this assignment:350 marks
Student ID Number: 
Family Name: 
Given Name(s): 
Workshop Day and Time: 
Study Mode / Campus: 

I declare that all material in this assignment is my own work except where there is clear acknowledgement or reference to the work of others. I am aware that my assignment may be submitted to plagiarism detection software and might be retained on its database. I have read and complied with the University statement on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity on the University website at www.utas.edu.au/plagiarism .  I will keep a copy of this assignment until the end of the semester.

  Signed:   Date: 
*By making a mark, inserting text or pasting your signature to the right of “Signed:” You are deemed to have made the declaration above.

Qu.1 Annual Real, Nominal GDP per capita                                                                                   70 marks

The table below provides the average annual growth rates (%) in Nominal GDP, Real GDP, Real GDP per capita, prices and population for Australia over the last five decades.

Average Annual Growth (%) in Australia
Time PeriodNominal GDPReal GDPReal GDP per capitaPricesPopulation
Source: Derived from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2022, ABS5204.0 Australian System of National Accounts, “Table 1. Key National Accounts Aggregates”, ABS Canberra.

a.           Explain why does the real GDP growth rate differ from the nominal GDP growth rate?

(10 marks)

b.           Explain why does the real GDP per capita growth rate differ from the real GDP growth rate?

(10 marks)

c.            Explain which measure of GDP growth you think is most appropriate and use it to explain which decade Australia achieved its greatest economic growth? 

(20 marks)

d.        Net Domestic Product (NDP) is GDP less the depreciation of capital (how much capital equipment is consumed or becomes obsolete). Currently, NDP only considers the depreciation of financial capital and does not include other forms of capital such as human capital, social capital and natural capital. Many economists suggest that a “true NDP” which includes the depreciation of all forms of capital is a better and a more “sustainable” measure of a nation’s economic growth than GDP.

i.               Why might a “true NDP” be a more “sustainable” measure of a nation’s economic growth than GDP?

(10 marks)

ii.              If nations focused on a “true NDP” instead of GDP how do you think it may affect government policy?

(10 marks)

iii.             If the depreciation of all forms of capital is a constant proportion of GDP growth, why might it not matter whether NDP or GDP growth is the focus of government policy.

(10 marks)

Qu.2 Components of GDP and their determinants                                                                         60 marks

The chart below provides the expenditure components of real GDP:

C            Consumption (consumption expenditure by households)

I             Investment (capital expenditure by firms)

G            Government (consumption and capital expenditure by all levels of government)

X            Exports (expenditure on Australian goods and services by non-Australian firms)

M           Imports (expenditure on imports by firms)

 in billion of dollars per quarter for Australian economy from March 2019 to December 2021. 

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2022, 5206.0, Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, Table 2. Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Chain volume measures.

Explain how and why the Covid-19 pandemic has affected each of the five components of GDP expenditure.  Focus on explaining the level and movement of each component of GDP prior to Covid, during Covid and in the final December 2021 quarter.

Qu.3 Labour Market                                                                                                                    60 marks

a.        The table below provides the latest March 2022 seasonally adjusted labour market data for Australia and Tasmania, but some information is missing.

Tasmania26212 176 4.5% 
E = employed (000s) UE = unemployed (000s)LF = labour force (000s) POP = population (000s)NILF = not in the labour force (000s)UR = unemployment rate PR = participation rate
Source: ABS 2022, 6202.0 Labour Force, Australia, Table 1. Labour force status by Sex, Australia – Trend, Seasonally adjusted and Original and Table 9. Labour force status by Sex, Tasmania – Trend, Seasonally adjusted and Original, ABS, Canberra.
  1. Complete the table by filling in the figures that are missing.

(10 marks)

  1. Provide three reasons why Tasmania’s participation rate is lower than Australia’s.

(15 marks)

  1. Is the difference in Tasmania and Australia’s unemployment rate likely to be from differences in frictional, structural or cyclical unemployment?  Explain why.

(10 marks)

b.   The table below provides seasonally adjusted labour market data for Tasmania in April and May 2020.

E = employed (000s) UE = unemployed (000s)LF = labour force (000s) POP = population (000s)NILF = not in the labour force (000s)UR = unemployment rate PR = participation rate
Source: ABS 2022, 6202.0 Labour Force, Australia, Table 1. Labour force status by Sex, Australia – Trend, Seasonally adjusted and Original and Table 9. Labour force status by Sex, Tasmania – Trend, Seasonally adjusted and Original, ABS, Canberra.

Explain how the unemployment rate rose in Tasmania from April to March even though the number of unemployed people fell.

(15 marks)

c.         What is frictional unemployment and how has technology allowed it to fall.  What is structural unemployment and when was it largest in Australia?

(10 marks)

Question 4 CPI, Inflation, Real v Nominal                                                                                     80 marks

Consumer Price Index
(CPI = 100 in 2012-13)
Average Weekly Total Earnings (AWTE)
($ per week)
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021, 6401.0 Consumer Price Index, Australia, TABLES 1 and 2. CPI: All Groups, Index Numbers and Percentage Changes, ABS, Canberra.

a.           Calculate, compare and interpret the annual inflation rate in March 2022 for Hobart and Australia.

(15 marks)

b.           Calculate the quarterly inflation rate for Hobart Australia in December 2021 and March 2022. When did Hobart experience its largest increase in prices?  Was this the same for Australia as a whole?

(15 marks)

c.            Using the fact that the base year for the CPI is 2012-2013, interpret the CPI for March 2022 for Australia and Hobart.

(10 marks)

d.           Calculate the real AWTE for Tasmania and Hobart for the June and December quarters in 2021.  Did real or nominal AWTE for Tasmania or Australia rise or fall in the 6-months to December?

(15 marks)

e.           Explain what inflation does to the real value of debt and assets? 

(5 marks)

f.            Explain who is likely to be negatively affected by inflation. Explain if anyone is likely to be positively affected by inflation.

(5 marks)

g.           Distinguish between core and headline inflation. Explain which gives a better indication of the current increase and prices and which is better for long term planning and why this is so.

               (5 marks)

h.           Ignoring any potential substitution, quality and new product bias in the CPI, Ignoring any potential substitution, quality and new product bias in the CPI, explain whether the CPI measures the cost of living and if so for who?  Explain why for some groups of people why their cost of living might be different to the CPI.

              (5 marks)

i.            Explain whether or not, two of the traditional costs of inflation, “menu-costs” and “shoe-leather costs”, are still significant in 2020s as they were in the 1970s.

              (5 marks)

Question 5 AD and AS and the Australia Economy                                                                          50 marks

  1. In the following graph, suppose the Australian economy moves from point A in year 1 to point B in year 2. Using the graph, briefly explain your answers to each of the questions.

i.               Explain why the unemployment rate in year 2 is higher or lower than in year 1?

(4 marks)

ii.              Explain what is the inflation rate in year 2?

(4 marks)

iii.             What is the growth rate of real GDP from year 1 to year 2?

(6 marks)

iv.             Explain where on the diagram and how the economy will move in the long run, if LRAS2 stays constant and there is no policy intervention.

(6 marks)

  • Assuming the Australian economy was in long-run equilibrium in early 2022.  In the third quarter of 2022, Australia experienced supply shocks due to reductions in the availability of oil, with the SRAS curve shifting to the left.  Prior to this, however, the removal of COVID-19 restrictions has led to households wishing to spend accumulated savings, causing AD to shift to the right (Note: Assume that the shift in AD is less than the shift in SRAS). 

i.            Draw the basic (static) aggregate demand and aggregate supply model to illustrate and explain what happens in the short-run real GDP, the price level and the unemployment rate when the economy suffers a supply shock.

(15 marks)

ii.           Use the basic (static) aggregate supply and demand model to illustrate and explain what happens in the long-run real GDP, the price level and the unemployment rate following this supply shock.

(15 marks)

Question 6 Money, Financial Markets and the Reserve Bank                                                          30 marks

  1. The real interest rate  is given by   where   nominal interest rate and the rate of inflation.

Suppose the economy-wide demand for money is given by  where  is the price level,  is real GDP and  nominal interest rate. 

i.               If inflation is and what level does the nominal interest rate need to be in order for the real interest rate to be ?

(2 marks)

ii.              What value should the Reserve Bank set the nominal money supply if the price level is , real GDP is  and it wants the real interest rate to be be ?

(5 marks)

iii.             Recall the nominal money supply consists of currency held by the public equal to   plus bank deposits to . Assume the economy is as described in part ii and the .  If the currency held by the public is given by  and bank reserve-deposit ratio is  calculate the size of the banks’ reserves? 

(5 marks)

iv.             Explain what happens to the money supply if the reserve-deposit ratio increases? 

(3 marks)

v.              Explain what happens to the money supply if the public holds less money as currency and keeps more in banks?                                                                      

(3 marks)

b.        In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the reserve bank reduced the cash rate from 0.25 per cent in March 2020 to 0.1 per cent in November in November 2020. Explain using the Money-Demand/Money-Supply framework explain the following:

i.                              How the new equilibrium cash rate was reached.

(4 marks)

ii.              What impact lowering the cash rate would have on consumption and investment.

(4 marks)

iii.             If inflation were to rise significantly how could the RBA intervene.

(4 marks)


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Supply, Demand and Equilibrium

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Measurement of Elasticity

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What is Microeconomics?

Microeconomics is formed by two words micro and economics. In Greek language word, “micro” means “small”. It is an important branch of economics that studies the relationship between economic characteristics and their respective behaviors. It involves an understanding of the decision-making process associated to management of economics and finance. Microeconomics emphasizes the factors that affect the behavior of individuals and the selection made by them. Particularly, microeconomics concentrates on the pattern of supply and demand, price, and output in individual markets. It displays how an individual’s decisions and behaviors affect the supply and demand for goods.

Theories and Concepts discussed in Microeconomics assignment help

Consumer demand theory: It is one of the most important fields in microeconomics. The key idea of this field is the value produced by the fulfillment of wants and needs. It portrays the connection between demands for goods, prices, and services by the consumers.

Theory of production: It involves the process of transforming inputs into outputs. It works on some major principles of economics such as price and productive factor relation, commodity and productive factor relation, and much more.

Production cost: The concept behind production cost is the resolution of price as per the materials and resources used in manufacturing the product.

Perfect Theory: It deals with the fact and believes that no individual can set the price of any systematized products.

Monopoly: It is a situation of the market where a single supplier of a particular product supplies goods to consumers without having to face any competition.

Topics Covered by Us
Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium Assignment Help: Price, supply, and demand are economic models. It involves the theory of perfectly competitive market without any price control. The unit price of a commodity is the price at which the quantity demanded by the customers’ matches the quantity supplied by the manufacturer. It sets the market trends. The seller always seeks profit and the buyer seeks products that are worth the value of his money. Equilibrium is derived from the law of demand and supply where the demand and supply depend on variation in prices of a commodity. The state where demand is equal to supply is called equilibrium. Hence, demand and supply are the main components of a market and its operations.

Measurement of Elasticity Assignment Help: It measures how an economic variable is responsible for change in another variable. The most frequently used words in economics are supply elasticity of substitution, the price elasticity of demand and supply, factors of production, income elasticity, etc. The concept measures demand and supply over price change and similar factors. To understand the concept of elasticity you should have a good knowledge of the elasticity of demand and supply or you can take help of Microeconomics assignment help services. Measurement of elasticity describes the shape of supply and demand curves regarding the price elasticity of demand and supply. There are two methods to calculate the price elasticity of demand. First is cross elasticity of demand and the second is income elasticity of demand.

Perfect Competition Assignment Help: It believes that as far as the prices of products are homogeneous, no industries or companies are big enough to possess power, for example, a digital market where a variety of sellers sell same goods to different buyers. General equilibrium theory states that perfect competition is caused by various conditions or factors. Some aspects of a perfect competition and perfect market are a huge number of buyers and sellers, homogeneous products, and the absence of barriers. A perfect market condition makes reaching the market equilibrium easy where both; demand and supply for a product are equal.

Market Structure Assignment Help: It involves various forms of the market system which is also known as capitalism. Its main objective is to substitute markets with a good economic planning of different degrees.

Consumer Demand Theory Assignment Help: Consumer demand theory is a milestone in the field of modern economics. It gives a deep insight into market demands. This theory allows you to study the behaviors and decisions of the consumers, when they purchase goods and services from the market. It relies on the satisfaction of consumer’s needs and wants which comes through the consumption of a commodity. There are some more laws mentioned in our sample Microeconomics assignment help that provide further insight into the law of demand and demand curves such as the diminishing marginal utility law and the marginal diminishing returns law.

Theory of Production Assignment Help: As mentioned above, this theory studies the process of how inputs are converted into outputs. It utilizes the resources and produced goods and services, which afterward, are exchanged in the market economy. Important production forms include manufacturing, market production, public production and the important models of production which include accounting and interpreting, production income model, production analysis model, etc. Production is also a source of origin for economic well being.

Cost of Production Assignment help: The cost of production theory is the concept of economics that determine the cost of a product by joining the cost of the resources that produce it. The costs include all the factors of production like taxation, labor, and capital. Two most important elements of costs of production are labor theory of value, tax, and subsidies.

Monopoly Assignment help: It is a situation when there is only one supplier of a single commodity or service in the market and claims control over the economy of that product. Perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopoly, and oligopoly are four basic types of market structures in economics. When there is only one manufacturer or producer and seller of a specific product, it is called a pure monopoly. On one hand, it is a good way to maximize profit but on the other hand, it acts as a barrier for other sellers to enter the market.

Oligopoly Assignment help: It is a market structure where a small number of manufacturers and sellers exist to affect sales and purchases. These restricted numbers of producers enjoy the maximum chunk of the market share. Quite similar to monopoly is Oligopoly; the only difference is that two or more firms control the market instead of one. Although there are no restrictions for the number of firms taking part to form an oligopoly, it is necessary that the number should be low enough to critically impact and influence others by the actions of a firm.

Discrimination concepts Assignment help: This concept deals with the reasons behind the discrimination i.e. the labor force, the kind of work and the requirement of specialty.

Why is Microeconomics Important?

Microeconomics plays a very crucial role in the study of economics. It is a method to analyze economics. According to Professor Keynes, a British Economist, Economics is “a necessary part of one’s apparatus of thought. It is microeconomics that tells us how a free market economy with its millions of consumers and producers work to decide about the allocation of productive resources among the thousands of goods and services.”

Microeconomics holds both practical and theoretical importance which is explained in detail below:

Important for the Efficient Utilization of Resources: Microeconomics is of great help when it comes to efficient utilization and employment of scarce resources. The main problem that modern government faces is the allocation of its limited resources. Microeconomics assignment helps you in understanding the requirements for efficient production as well as consumption.p>

Understanding Free Enterprise Economy: Microeconomics helps in understanding how free enterprise economies work in the absence of any central control. Such type of economies includes agencies which plan and operates an economic system. It involves decision making by producers on what, when, and for whom to produce. Correspondingly, what, and how much to consume, are some decisions that are taken by consumers themselves.

Important for International Trade Development: Microeconomics plays a crucial role in international trade development as it explains the gains from the determination of foreign exchange, the balance of payment disequilibrium, and international trade.

Why Should Students Study Microeconomics?

Economics offers a wide range of opportunities and jobs to students. It can help you get a job in different sectors such as government, business, law, education etc. with the help of this subject; you can study the behavior of the producers and consumers. It will further help you in allocating and utilizing resources in a proper and efficient manner. Microeconomics formulates economic policies and plans to promote economic development. It helps in analyzing economic conditions and studies social needs in various market structures. The need for graduates with economics degree is growing rapidly amongst sectors like insurance, banking, healthcare, etc. so it’s better to look for Microeconomics assignment help.

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Overview Of Microeconomics

Microeconomic research concerns about which selections people are making, what factors are influencing their decisions, and how their choices impact the markets of products by affecting costs, supply, and demand.

The term microeconomics came from the Greek phrase “micro,” which means “small” and “economy.” This topic essentially focuses on the pattern of supply and demand, output of the individual market, and price determination. Creating an informative assigned task is always a challenge for the students when they are simply studying a particular subject. The half understanding they acquire doesn’t enable them to proceed further with their assignments. We have brought you a microeconomics assignment help service to tackle this issue.

Definition:“Microeconomics is the subject of households, individuals, and firms’ roles in decision-making and resource allocation. It usually employs at goods and services markets and deals with economic and individual issues”.

How Can You Create The Best Microeconomics Assignment?

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There are so many microeconomics assignment topics which are covered by our experts. And the most common topics of the microeconomics assignment help are the following:

  • Perfect competition assignment help
  • Market structure assignment help
  • Consumer demand theory assignment help
  • Cost of production assignment help
  • Theory of production assignment help
  • Monopoly assignment help
  • oligopoly assignment help
  • Measurement of elasticity assignment help
  • Concept of discrimination assignment help
  • supply, demand, and equilibrium assignment help

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