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Are you looking for someone who can help you with Android Assignment Help or Android homework help? If yes, then you are in very correct place. I am going to provide you Android Assignment Help and Android Homework help both at once place. Getting an android assignment help form others is easy but keeping your trust is difficult. I keep my professionalism and maintain quality processes. My quality work directly improves your trust, which can be assured by my android assignment help and android homework help services.

If you are thinking to get good marks and results in your android assignment, android project and android homework then you must hire us because I am the one who delivers quality on time, or even before. I am working since 2010 on different platforms and now I have launched my own platform to help my clients in my own delightful way. Among all the students globally, 90-95% of students find difficulties to find their programming assignment whether its android assignment help, database assignment help, java assignment help or python assignment help or else. Due to this battel of assignments, the student fails to deliver what they actually can. Here I came to take you off to the sky heights.

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Hey, I am Nikhil and I am a Software Developer at I am a professionally trained and verified android and java developer. And working since 2015 with I have done many projects individually or in a group at And I am capable of doing any type of Android Assignments. That’s why I am telling you to consider my Android Assignment Help service at once, next time I need not ask you even for the android assignment help service. You will surely gonna hire us without any single doubt.

Doing android assignments with my professional development, I really feel very good when I find different tasks to deliver in a certain time period. Are you thinking, why? A very simple answer that it increases my skills and keeps in touch and short time gives me the ability to do work under certain limits. When I work in any time frame then I also learn to manage time.

I can work on following android development platforms:

  1. Android Studio
  2. ADB aka Android Debug Bridge
  3. Android Virtual Device Manager aka AVD manager
  4. Eclipse Tool
  5. Fabric
  6. Flow Up
  7. Game Maker Studio
  8. Genymotion
  9. Gradle
  10. IntelliJ IDEA
  11. Instabug
  12. LeakCanary
  13. NimbleDroid
  14. RAD Studio
  15. Stetho
  16. Source Tree
  17. Unity 3D
  18. Unreal Engine
  19. Visual Studio with Xamarin
  20. Vysor

Personally, I prefer – Android Studio for Android project development. Because I like its GUI (Graphical User Interface) and UX (User Experience) very much. And other tools are also good with different features and use. Most of your android projects or android assignments are developed on Android Studios. I will separately create a post that will explain these tools easily.

I provide you quick, instant and urgent Android Assignment help with Android project Ideas. Contact me right now and get help.

Many students do not find online android assignment help or android homework help well. They think its wrong but if I say it personally then I will say NO to them who refuse to take an online android assignment or android homework help. Because they are not following the proper methods. Taking help online is completely secure and good for your grades too. If you want it to be good and beneficial then you should be clear and you must have a very deep knowledge of concepts that I have used. If you know everything that I have done and why I have done it, then you should not feel any guilt at all. Just relax! I will explain to you each and everything, by which you can explain each line to your professor and faculty to impress them. is helping students globally and serving as a pro. is the most trustable service provider online. Might be you are thinking that from where I am on most demand, on the globe? is in most demand from the United States (US) of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, China, Singapore, India, Australia, Newzealand. I am also serving my best. Codingparks serving the best android programming assignment and android programming project help with high quality at a low price. I have a very competitive price and I can bet you that I can give quality work at less price than all other websites.

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You can contact me here for A-Z android assignment help and java assignment help. I am 24×7 hrs ready to deliver you the work with crystal quality. My speed is lightning fast and I work with my dedicated team too to accomplish the results or goals at a very fast rate.

Why you should hire me? What you will get exactly?

  • Coding with simple and understandable logic. No high-end programming.
  • High-end programming will be provided on request – If required.
  • 24×7 Support
  • Fully commented code
  • Plagiarism FREE work.
  • Team Viewer support for setup and execution.
  • Full client-side system setup and installation.
  • No copy-paste or internet download stuff modifications.
  • Standard documentation for all assignment
  • ReadMe.txt file for the better installation process.

coding with simple logics

Android Assignment Help, Android Homework, Do My Android Homework
Android Assignment Help, Android Homework, Do My Android Homework

My developers are professional and they develop code that us highly optimized for greater performance and to save time. In the case of final year students android assignment help or android homework help, I am little limited to code like that. Do you know why? The reason is very simple and clear. Students need code that is simple as well as the code which shows their level not a pro-level. So I code accordingly, to avoid any type of doubt by your professor on you. I provide fully customized code and design that fits your requirements. I keep the standard format.

high-end programming (on request)

high end coding1
High-End programming for all the

High-end programming will be provided on request. It means that if you need professional coding for your project then you can request us and I will do it. In high-end programming, I optimize code and enhance the system stats for better performance. e.g. if I have a digital marketing project given by you like website development, I do all the major things that need to be enhanced like proper SEO (Search Engine Optimised) pages and posts. All the social media linking part etc. So, the same process goes to each and every project. Android assignment help also comes under this too.

24×7 support

24×7 Support for all Android assignment help and android homework help

Services matter a lot if you hire someone to do your project. Isn’t it? Well, is the #1 in online digital services providers. I will provide you 24×7 support so that you don’t face any problem. Your satisfaction is my first foremost priority. I am helping you not only with task completion but also to make you understand the whole code and logic. You can ask us anytime when you feel good. I will be with you at the desired time. So you can hire me and my team member very easily.

fully commented code

Image that defines high end coding by
Fully commented code for all the students and corporate projects

In this feature, you will be getting all the code comments line by line, so that you will not get any problem of understanding it, later on, to explain to your professor. This is also helpful to prepare for viva-voce. This feature is completely free and very important. Many students from the US, Australia, and the UK requested me to provide this thing as free and I do it now for your happiness. I want your satisfaction and for that, I try to provide you the best services and quality work, not the crap.

plagiarism free work provides plagiarism free work.
Plagiarism free code and report for all

Are you tired of getting fake and rubbish online? You pay for original or copyrighted content and you get the file that is copied from other websites. Don’t worry, claim plagiarism-free work and keeps its promise. I personally don’t like copied content because it’s not fair and also there is no boost in knowledge. So, I and we at Codingparks, avoid it. So you can trust and hire me for quality and copyrighted work.

Teamviewer support provides you team viewer support and help client is installing the project.
Teamviewer support for under the android assignment help

Again support is a very important and very precious step of any company, whether it’s small or big, doesn’t matter at all. Your support should be good and 24/7. Codingparks provide you 24/7 support and Teamviewer support too. If you face any problem and unable to install the work on your system, then I personally or my team will do all and tell you what are you doing wrong. So feel free and stay calm. I will do it all.

Documentation provides documentation with android programming assignment android android homework. You get android assignment help as well as android project report too.
Proper documentation in Android Homework Help Service

Yeah, you got it right. I will provide you documentation with your android project or android assignment under android project help or android assignment help services. So, you don’t have to worry about these little things. I care for you and your precious money. Till Codingparks is alive, you will get quality, not the crap. Trust me, I promise you.

Readme text file

Codingparks,com also provides you with the readme file for the project installation.
Read Me file for Android Assignment Help

I will also provide you a text file that will be consisting of all the steps that are required to install a project or given program on your system. If you are not able to do it then I have already told you that – “Teamviewer Support“.

Android Assignment Help, Android Homework Help, Do My Android Homework
Android Assignment Help, Android Homework Help, Do My Android Homework

What is android?

Android is a programming language that is used to build an android based mobile application for android devices. There are too many android versions and each of the versions has its own hike of progression from the previous version. I am going to explain those things is separate posts because this is only to make light on Android Assignment Help or Android Homework help. Here you will get to know that how we can code a professional Android app using Android Studio. Let’s get into it.

Android is one of the very fast-growing technology among all. Almost 2.5 billion active users on the globe are using android devices and get all the services online. Android is lightweight and easy to operate as compared to other mobile OS (Operating System) available in the market. So let me tell you now that how to code like a pro in the Android development field. So, go ahead and start going through the following details:

  • Write down your objectives
  • List down your app features
  • Design your android application layouts
  • Get into competitors analysis
  • Get into some development diagrams
  • Now testing your android app comes up.
  • Revision of your android application bugs.
  • Update your android application
  • Go through some security testing and other optimization.
  • Launch your android application.

Above I have mentioned some points that you need to take care of while you are building a pro android application. I am a pro developer and I follow these steps in building my android application too. Let me describe these steps in little details. Let’s get into it.

Write down your objectives


If you want to work like you a pro, not only in the field of Android development but also in any field your life, you must be very clear with your objectives. If I talk about Android application development, then I divide objectives into two fields. I have listed them below:

  • Ideal use
  • Business use.

Now, you must be thinking that what does it exactly means? Let me tell you that both steps have their own particular use and benefits. I am going to make a flash on it. So let’s learn about it.

Ideal Use

Ideal use here refers to the user who is creating an android application for general use. Not for corporate use. Hopefully, you are getting what I am trying to say. If not then let me give you an example now. Ideal use is like if you are a student and just want to crack the final year android project task but don’t want to indulge in the business field. If you have a goal to create an android application that is only for the purpose of cracking your final year exam then your goals should be according to that. Above I have listed some steps for corporate development or business development and not for the normal user. So I will guide you accordingly in the step coverage of what to follow and what not to be.

Business Use

Well, as I have explained above in Ideal use, you might have already got an idea of business use. In this, you will be developing an android application that is only for business purposes. Your core target is to do business with this app. So you will do all the analysis and listing of objectives and development according to that. Overall, I would like to say that the objective listed is very important for the development of an android application.

Important note: For more details I will be publishing a post which will consist of some more technical details. And also some vast steps that needs to be carried out.

List down your app features

Android Assignment help, Android Homework Help
Android Application Features listing is very important step – Android Assignment help

Listing down the android application features is a very crucial step. I take is very seriously and you should also be. Because I have to make a clear and list of all the features that I am going to do implement in my android application. All the other steps are very much related to this one. So I take this step at priority. All the designing and interaction goes on this. So we need to take care of all the things at the micro-level. I take it very deeply and spend time on this part. If you agree to me then you must be doing the same. These features can be classified into again two categories as follows:

  1. Basic and essential features (Features which are necessary to add)
  2. Updates (Features which will be added on user response)
  • Basic pages
  • eCommerce integration
  • Push notification
  • Chat
  • Monetization
  • Forms etc.

From the above list, you might have got an idea that what I am trying to say that needs to figure out in this step i.e. listing all the features of an Android application.

Designing Layouts

Layouts are very important thing to design because all the features are going to acquire space here. And all the features needs proper and comfortable space. So distribution on the app layout is very important and very difficult too. This step is very easy for those who are really clear with the previous step i.e. listing down the features. As much as you are clear with that, you will get more linking ideas over here. So, please give your time to design previous list carefully.

Android Application Layout Designing, Android Assignment help, Android Homework Help
Android Application Layout Designing example

Competitors analysis

Competitors Analysis
Android Assignment Help, Android Homework Help 14

Competitors analysis is a part that plays an important role to make your android application unique. If you are new into the market then its good and competition is less but if already idea is present in the market then you have to work on the listing of features more and more, trust me. Otherwise, it will not make any difference. That’s why my suggestion is to only find an idea which is unique and otherwise do more workout on searching for new ideas.

Now we have development diagrams, in this, we will simply design software engineering diagrams to split the tasks, so that we can find interconnections between the different entities. This is basically covered in the database phase. When you are building your database then you must take care of this step to carry out in a very careful way. It consists like following diagrams:

  • Use Case diagrams
  • Class diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams etc.

Important Note, don’t skip: Don’t know database programming correctly? Want a pro work, so that you don’t lose your grades? Then what are you waiting for? Just hire me right now to get complete android database assignment help

After going through all of the above, we start the coding and test the android application for the final launch. There are various steps that goes in the testing. I will later explain you the android application test or software testing process. Don’t worry!

If you app is ready then you finally launch it. And based on you feedback you update it and and revise it for the betterment.


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