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Level 4 Management Assignment
Managing People and Organisations (BHL4007)

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Aims: This module is a key level four module for all those students studying for a career in management. The intention of this module is to provide students with an understanding of the theory behind managing organizations and how human behavior as well as other factors can influence their outcomes. It will also introduce the students to Human Resource Management (HRM) within the business environment and look at the main professional specialist areas of the HR function. The module has been designed to give students an appreciation of different types of organizational structure and culture, language, and communication and how the role of management can influence performance within organizations. It covers a range of themes including motivation, communication, personality, attitudes & perceptions as well as control and conflict. It emphasizes the complex nature of the relationships between individual and group behavior and gives the students the opportunity to put these theoretical approaches into practice through an elaboration of some practical case studies. It also focuses on enhancing the students’ soft skills which in turn will aid employability. Learning outcomes: On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

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  1. Evaluate the concepts and theories relating to the management of people, including personality, perception, communication, motivation and group dynamics, and their influence on management styles and work processes.
  2. Discuss the roles and responsibility of managers and leaders to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives through the coordinated efforts of its people, whilst acknowledging individual needs, expectations and attitudes and apply the theory in practical problem-solving situations
  3. Explore the role of HRM in the business environment and the diversity of issues in which HRM can be involved.
  4. Identify the specialist professional areas within the HR function.
  5. Explore how group behavior and team processes can impact upon organizational success and enhance an individual’s soft skills.

Indicative content:

  • The nature of the relationship of people within the structure of an organization and their influence on organizational performance.
  • The needs and desire of people at work, their personality and perceptions along with processes involved in identifying and modifying motivation intrinsically and extrinsically.
  • The main professional specialist areas of the HR function regarding people resourcing; employee relations; performance management and rewards; learning and development, and organizational design and development.
  • The process of communication and language, how communication flows, through what channels and how language can cause barriers within organizations
  • Formal and informal groups, how they develop and their impact upon the organization.
  • Different theories of management, the qualities of effective leaders and their impact on employee performance at work.
  • The recognition of the importance of organizational culture, external climate, employee commitment, management of conflict and change.
  • This module will be taught through a variety of teaching and learning strategies, but it will involve active student involvement through class-based discussions and group exercises.
  • How the theory taught can be applied in practical situations within a variety of situations to enhance soft skill development.

Case study scenarios

Situation A: The Beacon Resort is currently faced with an inventory rotation problem. This difficulty stems from the fact that some supplies must be used prior to a stated expiration date. Upon receipt, a new shipment of these perishable items must be stacked beneath the boxes that are currently in inventory. A substantial amount of time is consumed in restacking the items according to their expiration dates.

Question: The Beacon Resort would like to reduce the double and sometimes triple handling of items. How can this goal be achieved? Are there alternative solutions which might also be effective?

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Situation B: The Beacon Resort operates a centrally located storeroom in the integrated resort complex. Every afternoon each departments’ supervisor on duty writes a requisition for common use items that will be required for the next day’s work. These common use items include food supplies, guest amenities, beverage requisitions, stationery, protective equipment’s etc. All specialty items are ordered separately. During the night shift, storeroom personnel fill the orders of items requested by the Supervisors Each morning, one or two workers from each department go to the storeroom to pick up the filled order. At times multiple trips are required especially for large orders.

Question: Although studies have never been performed to determine the number of time employees spend waiting for supplies, it is the thoughts of the management that idle manpower is a problem resulting from this procedure. How can time spent traveling to and from the described storeroom be reduced, thus, eliminating or decreasing employees’ travel time?

Situation C: Beacon City Hotel is large 1500 rooms and is faced with a housekeeping problem in their floor service areas. On several visits to these departments, the General Manager has found them cluttered with trash and empty cardboard boxes, dirty linen next to clean linen and trash collected from guest rooms. An examination of the receiving operations indicates that when guest amenities or clean linen is received the items are removed from their packaging cartons and placed on racks. The empty cartons and packing materials are left on the floor. Also trash and dirty linen from guest room is also dumped in these areas. Periodically, or when housekeeping staff cannot move, someone flattens and stacks these refuse materials and takes the dirty linen to the laundry department.

Question: Suggest a method for reducing or eliminating this housekeeping problem.

Situation D: Beacon City Hotel is large 1500 rooms running a centralised kitchen for all their F&B outlets including, 2 restaurants, one pool bar, one lounge café and room service. Orders are placed to the kitchen via an electronic ordering system and are placed in a queue order with no differentiation of where the order is coming from (Bar, Restaurant, Room Service). As a result, guests are left waiting for simple or small orders especially in the room service, bar and café. Also, as the kitchen is centralised waiting staff have no way at present to inform the guest of estimated waiting time.

Question: Suggest a method for reducing or eliminating this housekeeping problem.

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