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TrimesterT2 2020
Unit CodeHI5019
Unit TitleStrategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise
Assessment TypeAssessment 1: Individual Assignment
Assessment TitleAnalysing an Accounting Information System
Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping)Students are required to: Demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge of Accounting Information System.Articulate the various transaction cycles, financial reporting, and management reporting systems to technical and non- technical stakeholders.Evaluate various internal control process of an accounting information system.
Weight20% of the total assessments.
Total Marks20 Marks.
Word limit2000 words ± 10%.
Due DateThe written report is due in Week 7, dated 4th September 2020, on Friday at 11.59.
Submission GuidelinesAll work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.The assignment must be in MS Word format, double spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.
 Include a minimum of ten (10) references, at least five (5) from peer- reviewed journal relevant to the unit.


Analysing the Accounting Information System of HARDA Fashion.

HARDA Fashion sells ready-to-wear fashion clothes to teenagers. The company has a 20-store chain concentrated in the north-eastern part of the United States of America. Each store has the experienced full-time staff consist of a manager and an assistant manager. The full-time staff is paid a fixed salary. The full-time staff is assisted with a cashier and a sales assistant who have comparatively less experience. The cashier and sales assistant are paid hourly wages plus the commission based on the volume of sales. HARDA Fashion uses unsophisticated cash registered with four-parts sales invoice to record each financial transaction. These sales invoices for the sales transaction irrespective of the payment type.

The record-keeping starts with the sales assistant on the sales floor. The sales assistant fills the sales invoices manually by providing the following information:

  1. Records his or her employee number.
  2. Enters the transaction details including clothes item number, description, quantity, and the unit price.
  3. Totals the sales invoice.
  4. Calculates the discounts manually when appropriate.
  5. Calculates the sales tax.
  6. Finalise the sales invoice after calculating the grand total.

The sales assistant then forwards the sale invoice to the cashier and keeps one copy in the sales book.

The cashier reviews this sales invoice and enters in the cash register. The cash register mechanically validates the invoice, automatically assigning a consecutive number to the transaction. The cashier is also responsible for getting credit approval on charge sales and approving sales paid by cheque. The cashier gives (1) one copy of the invoice to the customer,

  • retains the second copy as a store copy, and (3) the third for a bankcard, if a deposit is needed. Returns are handled in exactly the reverse manner, with the cashier issuing a return slip.

At the end of each day, the cashier sequentially orders the sales invoices and takes cash register totals for cash, bankcard, cheque sales, and cash and credit card return. These totals are reconciled by the assistant manager to the cash register tapes, the total of the consecutively numbered sales invoices, and the return slips. The assistant manager prepares a daily reconciliation report for the store manager’s review.

The manager reviews cash, cheque, and credit card sales and then prepares the daily bank deposit (credit card sales invoices are included in the deposit). The manager makes the deposit at the bank and files the validated deposit slip.

The cash register tapes, sales invoices, and return slips are forwarded daily to the central data processing department at corporate headquarters for processing. The data processing department returns a weekly sales and commission activity report to the manager for review.


Prepare a report to Chief Executive Officer of HARDA Fashion to evaluate its processes, risks, and internal controls for its revenue cycle. In your report, you need to include the following items:

  1. Identify six strengths in HARDA’s system for controlling sales transactions.
    1. For each strength identified, explain what problem(s) HARDA Fashion has avoided by incorporating the strengths in the system for controlling sales transactions.
    1. Identify two situational pressures in a company like HARDA Fashion that would increase the likelihood of fraud.
    1. Explain why some companies would choose to install a distributed computer system rather than a centralised one.

Assignment Structure

The report should include the following components:

  • Assignment Cover Page clearly stating your name and student number.
  • Executive summary.
  • A table of contents.
  • The introduction.
  • Body of the report with sections to answer the above issues and with appropriate section headings.
  • Conclusion and recommendations.
  • List of references.

The report should be grounded on relevant literature, and all references must be cited appropriately and included in the reference list.

Marking criteria 
Marking criteriaWeighting in Total Grades
Strengths in HARDA’s system for controlling sales transactions6%
Problems that HARDA Fashion has avoided by incorporating the strength in the system for controlling sales transactions6%
Situational pressures that would increase the likelihood of fraud2%
Reasons for companies to install a distributed computer system rather than a centralised one2%
Research quality4%
TOTAL Weight20%
Marking Rubric
 ExcellentVery GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory
Strengths in HARDA’sPresent an excellentPresent a very goodPresent a good discussionPresent a reasonablePresent a weak or
system for controllingdiscussion of strengths indiscussion of strengths inof strengths in HARDA’sdiscussion of strengths ininadequate discussion of
sales transactions (6HARDA’s system withHARDA’s system withsystem withoutHARDA’s system withstrengths in HARDA’s
Marks)supporting evidencesupporting evidencesupporting evidenceminor errors and/orsystem with significant
 from the case.from the case.from the case.omissions.errors and/or omissions.
Problems that HARDACorrectly identify allCorrectly identify mostCorrectly identify mostCorrectly identify mostFail to identify the
Fashion Limited hasproblems that HARDAproblems that HARDAproblems that HARDAproblems that HARDAproblems that HARDA
avoided by incorporatingFashion has avoided withFashion has avoided withFashion has avoidedFashion has avoided withFashion has avoided.
the strength in the systemsupporting evidencesupporting evidencewithout supportingminor errors and/or 
for controlling salesfrom the case.from the case.evidence from the case.omissions. 
transactions (6 Marks)     
Situational pressures thatPresent an excellentPresent a very goodPresent a good discussionPresent a reasonablePresent a weak or
would increase thediscussion of situationaldiscussion of situationalof situational pressuresdiscussion of situationalinadequate discussion of
likelihood of fraud (2pressures that wouldpressures that wouldthat would increase thepressures that wouldsituational pressures that
Marks)increase the likelihood ofincrease the likelihood oflikelihood of fraud withincrease the likelihood ofwould increase the
 fraud.fraud.minor errors and/orfraud with errors and/orlikelihood of fraud with
   omissions.omissions.errors and/or omissions.
Reasons for companies toPresent an excellentPresent a very goodPresent a good discussionPresent a reasonablePresent a weak or
install a distributeddiscussion of reasons fordiscussion of reasons forof reasons for installing adiscussion of reasons forinadequate discussion of
computer system ratherinstalling a distributedinstalling a distributeddistributed computerinstalling a distributedreasons for installing a
than a centralised one (2computer system insteadcomputer system insteadsystem instead of acomputer system insteaddistributed computer
Marks)of a centralised one.of a centralised one.centralised one withof a centralised one withsystem instead of a
   minor errors and/orerrors and/or omissions.centralised one.
Research quality (4An extensive amount ofA broad range of qualityAn adequate range ofAn adequate range ofLittle or no peer-
Marks)high-quality evidencepeer-reviewed journalpeer-reviewed journalpeer-reviewed journalreviewed journal
 from peer-reviewedreferences and otherreferences was includedreferences was includedreferences were included,
 journal articles and othersources was included andand used to supportand used to a basic extentand these were rarely
 sources was included andused effectively support discussion.used to support
 used effectively tosupport discussion.  discussion effectively.
 support discussion.    

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