Current Affairs 20 April 2020

Current Affairs 20 April 2020 (Chinese Language Day)

Q.1. ‘Finding the gaps’ is a part memoir, part self-help book written by which personality known for his accurate decision making? (Simon Taufel)

Q.2. Whose book ‘The Anarchy’ recounts the remarkable history of the East India Company from its founding in 1599 to 1803? (William Dalrymple)

Q.3. More than 70% of this country lies in Asia. Most of its population, its capital, and its largest city are in Europe. Which country is this? (Russia)

Q.4. Famous for another role, which leader born on 3rd December was India’s Minister for Food & Agriculture from August 1947- April 1952? (Rajendra Prasad)

Q.5. ‘Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life’ is a book by which famous Indian? (Viswanathan Anand)

Q.6. Which institute made protein enriched biscuits for COVID-19 patient? (Central Food Technological Research Institute)

Q.7. How many Quantal of food grains distributed to the poor in Maharashtra? (43 Lakh Quintals)

Q.8. How much compensation given to all postal employees ? (10 Lakh)

Q.9. Who launches “Nearby Spot”? (Google by Google Pay)

Q.10. Recently, who becomes the brand ambassador of PokerStars India? (MS Dhoni)

Q.11. Which national park becomes India’s 1st quarantine facility for animals? (Jim Corbett National Park)

Q.12. Which former Pakistan’s cricketer died recently due to the corona virus? (Zafar Sarfroz)

Q.13. Recently how much did the RBI reduce the RRR (Reverse Repo Rate)? (3.75%)

Q.14. Recently, which bank waives services charges for all ATM transactions till 30 June? (State Bank of India i.e. SBI)

Q.15 Who participated in 2nd G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governors meeting? (Nirmala Sitharaman)

Q.16. SOI (Soil of India) has developed on e-platform named as …….. to collect Geo-tagged information related to COVID-19? (SAHYOG)

Q.17. India tricolor projected onto Matterhorn mountain to send a message of hope. Where is that mountain? (Switzerland)

Q.18. Recently Abba Kyari has died from COVID-19. He was the chief of staff to president of ……? (Nigeria)

Q.19. Recently, book launched “Shutting to the Top” is the biography of which player? (P.V. Sindhu)

Q.20. According to IMF, Asia is expected to witness a growth rate of ……. in year 2020 (ZERO 0%)

IMF stands for International Monetary Fund, Formation 21 December 1945, Headquarter – Washington, DC, US. Managing Director: Kristalina Georgieva

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