Current Affairs 23 April 2020 (World Book & Copyright Day, English Language Day)

Q.1. Union cabinet approved, how much crores towards “India Covid -19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness” challenge? (Rs. 15,00 Cr)

Q.2. GOI (Government of India) brings in ordinance making attach on doctors punishable upto …… years? (7 Years)

Q.3. As per GOI, recovery rate of COVID-19 patients in the country is ……? (17.47% by GOI)

Q.4. Which country’s govt. started to give 2 masks to every household? (Japan Govt.)

Q.5. Which state govt. decided to give Rs 10,000/- for cornoavirus health workers? (M.P.)

Q.6. Which country’s President annonces to give $19 Billion relief package for agriculture industry? (USA)

Q.7.Indian high commision is which country has orgaised a virtual roundable COVID-19 meet for busineess? (United Kingdom)

Q.8. Which state govt. will provide free online medical consultation to sick people through e-sanjeevani OPD? (H.P.)

Q.9. NDB has decided to provide …. emergency assistancein to India? ($1Billon )

NDB – New Development Bank
Formation – July 2014
President – KV Kamath
Members – Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa, India.

Q.10. International Day of Human Space Flight is celebrated on April 12 to commemorate the first flight of which astronauts? (Yuri Gagarin)

Q.12. Dil Bechara is an upcoming movie, based on which book that was adapted for a Hollywood movie? (The Fault In Our Stars)

Q.13. What type of animal is a backwater? (Antelope)

Q.14. The Jallianwala Bagh garden is located in which Indian city? (Amritsar)

Q.15. Which iconic ship went down in April 1912? (RMS Titanic)

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