Current Affacairs 22 April 2020

Current Affairs 22 April 2020 (World Earth Day)

Q.1. Which board issues guidelines to handle COVID-19 treatment wastes? (CPCB – Central Pollution Control Board)

Q.2. Recently, which state govt. launched “Yoddha Kalyan Yojana”? (Madhya Pradesh) Benifits to 1 Lakh Anganwadi workers

Q.3. Who appointed as new secretary tp president of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind? (Kapil Dev Tripathi, The former IAS officer @1980 Batch)

Q.4. Recently, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) has shifted its testing facility from Gwalior to …..? (New Delhi)

Q.5. Recently, facebook has launched a third party fact checking in Bangladesh in partnership with….? (Boom Fact Check).

Q.6. Recently, The Telangana has decided to extend lock down till…..? (7 May 2020)

Q.7. Which state govt. has become first state to Geotag community kitchens? (U.P.)

Q.8. Which country offer to host IPL2020 amid COVID-19 crisis? (Sri Lanka, 13th edition of IPL i.e. Indian Premier League)

Q.9. Recently, Gene Deitch passed away, he was a famous …. ? (Director, USA of TOM & Jerry)

Q.10. Recently, which freedom fighter died who participated in Quit India Movement? (R.V. Bhuskute)

Q.11. Which state govt. launches SMILE project to assure continuity of learning during COVID-19 lockdown? (Rajasthan)

Q.12. Which of these is a high-speed satellite internet product development project from Amazon? (Project Kuiper)

Q.13. Phobophobia is the fear of what? (Phobias)

Q.14. How do we better know singer Park Jae-sang born on 31st December, who became a worldwide phenomenon in 2012? (Hint : Gangnam style!!)

Q.15. Utkalika is the state emporium of which Indian state? (Odisha)

Q.16. GS Lakshmi is the first woman to do what in the world of cricket? (Match referee for a men’s ODI)

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