How to create Java Code to find the Exponent of a Number? Get Complete Java code to find Exponent in Java

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Today we will learn – “How to find an exponent in Java?”

Before getting into the final code implementations, let me ask you one question – What is Exponent in Mathematics?

Any power p or any given number n right?

The power to which a base number is raised is represented by an exponent, which is a number. Exponents are used to expressing a number being multiplied repeatedly by itself. The base number is the multiplied number, and the superscript number shows how many times the base number has been multiplied by itself. These two numbers make up the exponent notation.

Let’s take an example of 3^4 where 3 is the base and 4 is the exponent. This means that 3 is multiplied by itself four times:

3^4 = 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 = 81

So, this is the logical part that you need to perform in Java programming. Today, we will learn how to do that.

Before writing the actual code in IDE. Let me tell you the pseudocode for this. So that we can break down the process to get the desired results quickly and efficiently.

Pseudocode to find the Exponent of any given number


INPUT base, exponent 
INITIALIZE result to 1 

FOR i from 1 to exponent 
          result = result * base 
OUTPUT result 


Here I have created a pseudocode to find the exponent, to get our logical portion clarity. Now when it comes to the final development of the code, we can work in small portions to create and integrate the whole program. Let’s start!

Java programming code to find the Mathematical (Maths) exponent of any given number easily

// Import the Scanner class from the java.util package to take user input
import java.util.Scanner;

// Define the class "ExponentCalculator"
public class ExponentCalculator {
    // Define the main method, which is the entry point of the program
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Create a Scanner object named "scanner" to read user input
        Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
        // Prompt the user to enter the base number
        System.out.print("Enter the base number: ");
        // Read the base number as an integer and store it in the variable "base"
        int base = scanner.nextInt();
        // Prompt the user to enter the exponent
        System.out.print("Enter the exponent: ");
        // Read the exponent as an integer and store it in the variable "exponent"
        int exponent = scanner.nextInt();
        // Close the Scanner object to prevent resource leaks

        // Call the "calculateExponent" method with "base" and "exponent" as arguments, and store the result in the variable "result"
        int result = calculateExponent(base, exponent);
        // Print the result in the format: "Result: base^exponent = result"
        System.out.println("Result: " + base + "^" + exponent + " = " + result);

    // Define the "calculateExponent" method with two integer parameters: "base" and "exponent"
    public static int calculateExponent(int base, int exponent) {
        // Initialize the variable "result" with the value 1
        int result = 1;
        // Use a "for" loop with the loop variable "i" starting from 1 and going up to and including "exponent"
        for (int i = 1; i <= exponent; i++) {
            // Update the value of "result" by multiplying it with the value of "base"
            result *= base;
        // Return the final value of "result" after the loop has finished
        return result;


Today, we have learned about how to find the exponent of any given number easily using Java programming. I have provided you the pseudocode for the best breakdown and finally, I made a code to find the desired output using Java programming. Hopefully, you liked my tutorial on Java. Support me by sharing our article with your fellow mates and following me on Instagram.

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