2020 Microsoft MS Access Database Project Ideas

Microsoft access is usually known as MS Access, in short. MS Access project ideas are totally dedicated to this Microsoft product. Here you will know the exact power of MS Access. What you can develop in the MS Access and for how much extent you can develop? Most of the final year CS i.e computer science students are worried about this thing that – “Can we choose Microsoft access for our final year project development?”. By the way, this question is relevant and you must know it. So that you don’t face any problems later on, during ms access project development. So let’s get started and more knowledge about the MS Access project ideas and its relevancy.

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MS Access is a small database management system (DBMS) and it consists of a Microsoft Jet database engine with GUI (Graphical User Interface) and some software/application development tools. You can create some small-scaled final year projects in MS Access database with its graphical interface help. I am providing you with little flash on what you can do with it. I am creating some sorted listed list here.

With the help of MS Access you can do:

  • Small scaled projects
  • Limited users and roles you can give for better and reliable performance
  • You can create very brilliant small applications for small tasks.
  • You can use it for college small project
  • A small final year project can be easily handled using MS Access.

Above I have provided Lil light on what you can opt to do with this tiny software. Now I will provide you some good MS Access database project ideas that you can opt for the development purpose.

Microsoft MS Access Database Project Ideas for final year students

Labour Record Management System (MS Access project ideas)

Labour record management system is one of the best ms access database project idea among very innovative database project ideas using Microsoft MS Access. Here you can create an application where a person or any small business holder can keep a record of his/her labour. Labour record management system will be a fully-fledged application for small business holders. This idea of development can be scaled up to a larger one too because everybody wants to keep record and wants a well-organised data instead of unstructured data of paperwork. You can follow the listed feature to accomplish your goal.

  • Dashboard
  • Labour Profile
  • Assign tasks
  • Attendance
  • Meals record (Optional)
  • Payment system (Day wise or Hourly rate or fixed price)
  • Tasks accomplished
  • Payment (Pending or Done)
  • CRUD features.

Above I have given you little idea of the project i.e. labour record management system using MS Access. This idea can be also presented with some other technologies too. You can use other technologies like PHP MySQL, SQL Server or Java JDBC and other databases too to achieve the goal. If you like the idea then you must save it.


Customer Contact Database in MS Access

Taxi record management system

Taxi record management system is the best idea for all taxi service provider. You can create or implement this MS Access project idea in three phases.

  • Create one application to handle clients booking and clients profile record.
  • And another one to handle taxi record.
  • One application for drivers salary and all other stuff. *

* Guys this MS Access database project idea will be bigger than the previous one because in this you gonna implement some new interfaces as well as the previous labour or employee record management system. So, don’t miss it if you seriously want a good project in MS Access database.

Taxi record management system will be consisting of the following features individually.

  • Dashboard
  • CRUD operations
  • Client profile
  • Booking details
  • Payment details
  • Reminders
  • Feedbacks
Taxi details application
  • Dashboard (Will be for all application)
  • CRUD (Create booking, Read booking, Update & Delete booking) even modification too.
  • Taxi profile
  • Driver profile
  • Booking and Route Details
  • Expenses details
  • Feedback

I am not listing the third feature because I have listed that already in the first idea. You can visit check that and you can implement accordingly.

business to-do list for employees

The business todo list is an application idea that is designed by taking care of all corporate business holders. Actually, if you are a business owner then you can understand that it is very difficult to manage all the task with the employees individually and to keep an eye on each individual task is genuinely very difficult. For that purpose, I have introduced this idea here. You can present this idea with the whole corporate theme and layouts. What you will get in this application is listed below:

  • Employee profile
  • Assign tasks to an employee as per as his/her profile
  • Date and time allotment
  • A milestone in progress, pending or failed record
  • Point collected (-ve or +ve)
  • Client feedback
  • Tip of the respective employee on the basis of points gained.

Business todo list project idea is very good for you because later on it can be converted into a bigger realtime application using some bigger databases and technologies. For a basic project in MS Access, SQL Server, PHP Database MySQL, NoSQL and JDBC etc., you can give it a shoot with core dedication. If you need more help with the project idea, you can get in touch with me at any time. Just contact me here.

expences record-keeping system for family

Expences play a very vital role in our life. Do you know why? Obviously, you might be knowing it very clearly. To keep an eye on each and every expense is literally a difficult task. And to remember the whole month expenses is just like hitting your own head on the wall. So, how we can manage it? We have two options one is our diary and pen and another is technology. If I would ask you a simple question that what you will opt, then what will you say? Right! you will say technology. From here you can take inspiration for the development of this idea. You can add feature what you really want to because it’s a very common day to day things that we also do in our daily life. Here I am listing some must feature down below:

  • Dashboard
  • Total amount (Cr)
  • Total debt (Dr)
  • Owe amount
  • +ve credits points (Savings)
  • Invest plans

Above I have listed some very vital points that are really important and apart from these points, maybe some I have missed. For that just comment down below to add here, if you want.

GYm record management system ms access project idea

Gym management system MS Access project idea is a very common idea but your implementation makes it at a different level. I am also listing this idea because you can create a small database structure for all gym holders and can also take to a different level because its ideas which can be implemented in real-time as well as in a normal way. I will definitely recommend this MS Access project idea for development. Here I am listing some major features that you need to cover:

  • Dashboard
  • Staff Login or Database
  • Admin controls
  • CRUD Operations
  • Members area or portal
  • Workout database
  • Diet database
  • Equipment database
  • Supplements database

Above I have listed some very important features that you need to cover but there are some others that also need to be covered and those are the child features. You must list them very carefully. And you have to create proper and very accurate database design with the help of ER Diagram, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams etc. So, be careful while working with these all. If you need my help then I am also available here. You can hire me at any time. If you want to hire me and want my professional help then you must contact me by just filling the form down below.

All the other project ideas I am listing below in a list. If you want detailed features or and the idea that is different from above and not so common then you can contact me or fill the above form to reach me ASAP. I will help you and you will definitely get good grades as well as very genuine results.

  • Vehicle database management MS Access project idea
  • Monthly sales record management system or application using the Microsoft MS Access database
  • The profile management system of any corporate organization.
  • Marriage bureau record management system
  • Small school database management system for children records
  • Certificate record database creation in MS Access project idea.
  • Childbirth record-keeping system for the small clinic using MS Access database project idea
  • National highway accident record management system for annual reporting
  • Daily weather report recording management system using MS Access for weather analysis
  • Organization profile book for emergency situation

Above I have provided a very genuine and good MS Access database project ideas. You can implement these MS Access database project ideas using Microsoft MS Access, SQL Server or any other database too. If you want some high-end application development then you must leave the MS Access and you can opt other project ideas for the realtime and high-end development. You must visit my following post for other project ideas they are bigger and much scalable then these MS Access one. Here I have provided you with ideas that are very unique and good but you can’t take them on a bigger scale. If you want on a bigger scale then you must leave the MS Access development. Do you want to know the reason, why? Please wait for my next post I will make it clear. Please visit my other stuff, that may help you.

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